Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Detective Story

It was a baffling case. The pieces didn't match. Mr. Stupid was now sweaty and couldn't stop scratching his head. Joey, Bob, Micheal and Jack had met. But why?

He opened the file again. It clearly stated how they had met.
Joey, Bob, Micheal and Jack leave their homes at the same time. Joey and Jack take their Cars, while Bob and Micheal take their Bikes. Joey drives at 60 mph while Bob and Micheal drive at 20mph and 15mph respectively. If the four meet after ten minutes, how far apart were they from the meeting point when they started?

Mr. Stupid was a Private Eye. At least, it said so on his room's door. A man with a blank stare had given him the case. He was Detective Grumpy from the rival Private Eye on the next street.
The case was a challenge. Letting it go would be a black mark on Mr. Stupid's career. Even though, he wasn't getting paid for this one, he had to accept the challenge.

But, the case still never had any leads. Why did the four men leave their homes? There was the TV, the refrigerator and the couch. Leaving their home wasn't a necessity. Mr. Stupid knew something was fishy.

He decided to leave his room and go investigate. It was snowing. The questions came down like the snow. Who were these people? Why did they leave at the same time? Why was Joey in such a hurry? Why wasn't Jack's speed mentioned? None of them had any answers. Finding that was his job.

As he walked in the snowy street, he saw the rival Private Eye door. The detective inside had assigned him the job. Asking him was a wrong thing to do. But, Mr. Stupid still wanted to give it a try.
"I was investigating the case. I needed some more information from you."
"That was all the information you have. Now, leave."
"If only you could tell me one thing..."
"Alright. What's that?", asked Detective Grumpy.
"How fast was Jack? And what vehicle was he driving?"
"No. I won't tell you that. Finding that is your Job!"

Mr. Stupid had to leave the room. But he knew something was suspicious. They had all met after ten minutes. Why were they planning to meet? The four were up to no good. But what were they dealing with?

He needed a clue. But Detective Grumpy wasn't speaking. Mr. Stupid stopped by a restaurant and decided to have a drink. As he sipped his tea, the pieces started to fit in. He got up to run. On the way, the teacup fell and broke. He could hear the waitress yell, "You broke my teacup? You better get back and clean this up..."

Mr. Stupid was solving a case. Cleaning could always wait. He was back in his room. He removed all the files and looked at the names again. Oh, how hadn't he seen this before. The four were part of a Numbers racket. They were also call the "Integers". They had met that day for a purpose. It was a meeting with Mr. 999. Jack had brought him to the location.

Case solved! Mr. Stupid ran to Detective Grumpy's room. He had a blank stare and was grumpy as usual. "Here. It's 999."
Detective Grumpy nodded. It was either a Yes or a No!

My Brother gave me this aptitude question. 999 was the wrong answer. He asked, "How did you get that?".
I narrated the story. He seemed a little bit shocked and surprised. And gave me the blank stare.
My Mom was still yelling from the kitchen, "Clean this mess up!"


  1. there's always a detective grumpy with that confusing nod. LOL!

    ~ash's mum

  2. Where were you, Mr. Stupid, when I had to take those long tests with ridiculously convoluted "analytical/logic" questions? [Or did I do so poorly because I was cheating off of your paper? Hmm, the mystery continues.]

  3. If only I had seen problems/apptitude tests that way - my answers may have been wrong but it would have been a hell of a lot more fun to do!

  4. I enjoyed your write as usual, good post for first thing in my morning.

    Have a nice day.

  5. OMG, you are now a detective, very scary.
    But a clumsy detective like you must bring your mother along. She has to wipe clean any trails and mess you left behind. lol

  6. Oh gosh, I am so horrible in math. I remember these kinds of math problems in school. Makes me cringe! I agree with Ummie's comment :)

  7. Where is Occam's razor when you need it?

  8. reflective and fun post,
    you always make everything interesting to read...
    Happy Monday!

  9. Don't you have a mess to still clean up?

    PS....Detective Grumpy is just trying to mess with you.

    I smell a theme here. Mess, mess, mess

  10. Interesting story for my early Monday morning. I love detective stories.

  11. The Messy Detective strikes again!

  12. you lost me way back when you first introduced the four men and their mileage quest and times of departure! BUT, i love your work so much i came along for the ride, hoping my deficiency in mathematics wouldn't show ;) you never fail to give me a good are my idol, mr. stupid :)

  13. Mr. Stupid! I began having Math flashbacks when I read that problem!! Don't do that to Betty! Well, at least you went on with a narrative, so I am OK now.

  14. Are you the new Angela Lansbury?

  15. Don't you just hate those strange question that are asked and make no sense at all?;) Those you bring up here were the worst questions I knew. Even today I have nightmares about math quiz containing those questions exactly.;)
    Great and amusing story indeed.;)

  16. Haha! Baffling!
    Thanks for the visit! (=

  17. i am so terrible at math that my mind shut off in the first few lines because it sounded like a word problem!

    the problem is that i didnt realize my mind had shut off till i got to the i had to read it again.

    this will be also be my excuse the next time my wife asks me to clean anything. i'll be like 'well mr stupid was talking about math AND cleaning and my mind shut off!'

  18. I'm so confuserated I think I need to hire a PI to tell me where the heck I am and how I got here. LOL

  19. haha! great stuff! thanks for posting :D

  20. Ha, this reminded me a whole lot of Calvin and Hobbes. :) I miss that comic strip. This post made me laugh. Keep it up!

  21. I can do math well enough, but I was happy to leave it behind. So, like some of the others, I did a bit of zoning out.

  22. Your writing style is so good!
    That post put a smile on my face.
    Betty :)

  23. Very funny post
    but Mr Stupid is FUNNY :))
    Very nice written !!!

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  25. *snort* Very clever!
    I sure wish you were around to solve MY cases that involved integers! LOL!

  26. As always, a spectacular narrative! There is something about the way you write that makes me thirst for more, and keeps me gripped throughout. This is so clever, and so skilfully crafted. Great story.

  27. Hi Mr Stupid. Brilliant! I love this. I hate to think of how many stories you must have written to get through your maths exams though!

    Bearfriend xx

  28. "Mr. Stupid was now sweaty and couldn't stop scratching his..." I'm glad you said "head." Whew!

  29. Mr. Stupid, you did NOT live up to your name on this one. You should be called "Mr. Genius".

  30. Do you want to help my daughter with her math problems since you are so good at it. NO! Wait you can solve my problems when the kids start to tattle and I don't know where to start. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! ((HUGS!!)) :)


  31. You are indeed a very good writer! But since you started talking about Math, I think I have to get out of here. Fast! LOL!

    Good one Mr. S!
    Every Thought Counts

  32. Ash: Yup. Every detective story has a grumpy guy in it...:)

    Robyn: I was the guy wearing a wig and with a name tag that read "Don't be shy. You can copy!"... hehe

    Gwei Mui: They are always wrong. But it helps in making yourself believe you're a detective. The next time, I will try this as a Dragon!:)

    Yvonne: Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by...

    Ummie: She can be my sidekick. Though, she'll not be a good one as I will be made to clean my mess... LOL

    RoseBelle: I wonder why somebody cares if we found out how far apart the guys were.
    Looks like I will have to clean my own mess then...:)

    Vicki Lane: Its gone on a vacation... hehe

    Jingle: Glad you liked the post. Thanks for stopping by!

    The Guy's Perspective: I knew that when I was solving the case. Maybe, this "Mess" theme had to do something with it. I guess that's Mr. 999's nickname... LOL

    Writing Without Periods!: I better solve some more cases. BTW, I need to get a Private Eye sticker...:)

    Alex: He has. And everyone is glad the case is solved with no more mess. At least the waitress at the restaurant was happy... hehe

    Sheri...: Wow. That sounds great. I am an Idol. I better get a name tag with "I am an Idol" on it... LOL

    Bossy Betty: I could have never solved that the easy way. Glad I didn't do that. Stay away from math Bossy Betty. I hear it gets to people who hate it very much!

    Kristina P.: I guess not and I sure hope not! LOL

    Zuzana: They sure don't make sense. Who cares how far they live. How does knowing that help them? I was planning to answer, "I don't know!"... LOL
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Jojomama: Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day...:)

    Sammy: That's an awesome excuse. I will try that at home.
    Since Sammy's mind shut off, so did mine! How's that sound? Hope that's convincing enough for an excuse...:)

    MiMi: I guess a Witch lady made you get here... hehe
    Call the PI soon...:)

    Tahereh: Glad you liked it!

    Lindzena: I liked those comic strips too. Toodles!

    Secret agent woman: Leaving math behind is a wise thing to do. Even though, I am supposed to do it, I like letting it go... hehe

    Betty: Glad the detective story with a grumpy guy brought you a smile...:)

    Anya: Wow. Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Steve: I'll be there on your blog sometime today!

    Serene: I'll try to travel back in time and be there... LOL

    Sam Liu: That's a huge compliment. Thanks a bunch. Remember to keep a drink next to you when you read my posts... hehe
    Have a good day!

    Bearfriend: I did think of being a Zookeeper. Glad, I was just thinking and didn't write anything on the paper...:)

    FabuLeslie: I am glad I said head too...!

    Cheeseboy: Let's make that my Surname. How about Mr. Stupid Genius? LOL

    Gina: Don't worry. I can solve that case. Though, keep some chocolates when I arrive. They help me in thinking... hehe

    Cee: I suggest leaving. The Integers are scary! LOL

  33. have a nice day ahead!
    thank you for stopping by.

  34. I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow, and I’m glad I did. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become one as well.

  35. I find your blog very humorous and intertaining. God's blessings. Lloyd

  36. haha. love it. always wanted to be a gum shoe...on the other hand never did like those math problems so i would have failed. smiles.

  37. Great post and great idea. I wish I'd thought of that when answering one of those questions in school. I was never good at them anyway, so it would have been fun at least!

  38. I should have taken your help in understanding all the math problems :P
    I was so bad at maths...

  39. That was fun.

    I think that should become a weekly thing. Good stuff for like a sat night or something.

  40. HATE MATH!!!

  41. Glad that you got some math going on,
    awesome post.
    Happy Wednesday!

  42. I am having some horrible flashbacks (I'm not a fan of math), but I did love Mr. Stupid's persistence!

  43. I have a hard time helping my son with his grade three homework. So when I saw numbers and words I almost fainted.

    I can't help but wonder if Joey, Bob, Micheal and Jack would prefer cotton candy or candied apples. Sorry. That's just how I roll ;P

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  44. What a fun post! Who doesnt love a good detective story...LOL

  45. Jingle: Glad you liked the post. Toodles!:)

    Covnitkepr1: I'll be there by your Blog sometime today. Thanks for following!

    Lloyd: Glad you like it. Have a good day.

    Brian: Everyone hates them. I wonder why my the Maths teacher was different. This only mean she was an alien... LOL

    Pat Tillett: Yup. It sure would have been fun. I don't think the Teachers would have appreciated our answers...:)

    Lazy Pineapple: Too bad that didn't happen then. Don't worry. I will try to make it happen by time traveling! hehe

    The Empress: Lets see, "Mr. Stupid and the Mysterious people". Maybe, I should solve another case... LOL

    Natalee: The most hated thing, ever!

    TALON: I better get a Private Eye sticker soon. That way everyone will be convinced on getting to my Room... LOL

    Lana: I guess Mr. 999 stole all the Cotton Candy. I guess the guys had met that day to steal back their stuff!:)

    JennyMac: Glad you liked the post. Have a good day!:)

    Ally: Math is one dangerous subject.

  46. And this is why I never became a world famous detective/private eye... I'd have to use my brain. Bleh. I'd rather vegetate. Less strenuous that way. :P

  47. Your brother is sure that you're wrong? I got 999 too!

  48. Oh my, when did you turn into Sherlock Holmes! Haha.