Saturday, May 8, 2010

Harry Potato and the Worthless stone - I

Everyone's writing stories. I thought, I would give it a try too.
You will find that this is pretty similar to something you've seen or read. But NO. A witch brainwashed your mind to compare the two stories.
Note - You can either Boo or Yay at the end of the story!

An evil wizard has just been defeated by an year old kid. Lord Voldesquirt could only manage to land a Pore on the boy's head when he used a spell with a wooden stick which he claimed was a wand.

The boy on the other hand was the Chosen one. His name was Harry Potato.
Harry was found in a field when a Farmer accidentally planted him assuming he was a real Potato.
"I am sorry. Your head looks exactly like a Potato!"
"I know. A guy did it when his spell went wrong."
"Tell me more about it..."

Harry Potato narrated his story. He told the farmer about his journey to the Veggies section of the Supermarket and then how Lord Voldesquirt had found him and managed to make his face a potato with a pore.
The Farmer kept Harry at his home. Harry was assigned the post of guarding the farm. Trespassers were often freaked out looking at a walking potato.

On Harry's eleventh birthday, an Owl appeared from nowhere carrying a letter. It was an Invitation for Harry to join a Wizard School.
Harry replied to the mail asking if there were any vacancies for potatoes.
He got a reply in an hour by Email. The Owl was very lazy to deliver it again.

Dear Harry Potato,
We have plenty of space in our School. If not, we can squish you and place you in a corner. HA HA HA. Sorry.
Kind wishes,

Harry was now exited and showed the letter to the Farmer. He was really happy and sent him to the School.
On the way, Harry met a giant. His name was Horrid. He took harry to a Wand shop.
"I need to get a stick too?"
, asked Harry.
"These are wands. You can use spells with them."
"And why should I do that?"
"Because you're a wizard, Harry!"
"A Wizard? I thought I was just a walking, talking potato."
"No... You don't know who made you a potato by adding that pore on your head."
"Who's You don't know who and why don't I know him?"
"Aaaa... Well, let's talk about that later. Just choose a stick, sorry a wand now!"

Harry took a Stick that was pointy. He felt it could be used to poke people in combat.

Horrid took Harry with him to a Bank. They moved around in a wagon with weird tiny people around them.
"What are these?", asked Harry.
"They are employees of the bank. In other words, Leprepongs!"
"That's a cool name..."
"Yeah, I know. Anyways, here we are."

The wagon stopped and Horrid got down. They had arrived at a vault. Inside was a stone. Horrid spoke to one of the Leprepongs and was handed the stone.

"Harry, whatever you saw here is a secret. Don't tell it to anyone."
"What is it Horrid?"
"This is the Worthless stone. Its so worthless that evil people like You don't know who want to use it to destroy the world."

"Okay. About this
You don't know who guy. Why don't I know him?"
"I don't know either. Anyways, lets go now."
"Hey. Don't I have a vault in this bank?"
"Nah. All you had were a few potatoes. I mean the real ones. A guy from a Supermarket stole them. Harry, you need to find and collect all of them before the dark forces do it!"

So began Harry Potato's journey. He was the chosen one and finding the potatoes was his task...   (to be continued)


  1. You ought to write a book kiddo....why don't you write a Mother's Day story for tomorrw and continue it on Monday? Just a thought.

    Good job!!!

  2. YAY! Can't wait for the next installment. Have a great Sunday Mr S. :)

  3. You - the 'Harry Potato or
    you - the 'you don't know who guy'?

  4. Excellent story, get it in print asap.


  5. amazing must get it published. I am waiting for the next part with bated breath :P

  6. Brilliant! a Stupid kind of way :-)

  7. I'm literally on the edge of my seat...hurry up and write the sequel..

  8. This is hilarious! The lines "Dumpydoor" and "kay. About this You don't know who guy. Why don't I know him?" made me laugh out loud :D I eagerly await the next installment!

  9. ah, mr. stupid, you strike again! not only have i loved your personal experiences but now you're digging into the meat and potatoes of who you are, and a star is born! i am digging this harry potato and can't wait for part two!
    also, a big hug and thanks for following me, you made my day :)

  10. lol. this was amazing...cant wait for part 2!

  11. ok, hurry up w/the second part!

  12. i imagined the harry potato he is so cute but seemed delicious too can i use it in my next dish ,just joking looking for next episode ,you got wonderful writing take care

  13. 'You don't know who' named you Mr. Stupid, hahahaha. I can't wait for the continuation of this story.

  14. This is fabulous stuff. I love it, and I think you're really onto something. Perhaps you should produce a movie; a series of, say, 10 or so novels; action figures, board games; a clothing line. Harry Potato is so much more entertaining than any Harry non-potatoes I know of.

  15. Hi Mr Stupid. Brilliant! Can't wait to read the next chapter!

    Bearfriend xx

  16. I can't wait for the next chapter!

  17. You are brilliant not stupid. I love reading your stuff and hope that you had a very nice Mother's Day with your mom and kept your room at least clean for her. Can't wait for the second part of the story. "Take CARE" TOODLES :)


  18. Honestly, this is much better than the actual Harry Potter. Well done!

  19. Keep up the good works,,, you are just at it,,,,

  20. Ahaha Finding potatoes was the most interesting task I've ever heard. Brilliant! Sounded like, it can save the world. LOL! I can't wait for the continuation of the story.

    Have a good day Mr. S!


  21. VKT: Maybe, I should have! LOL
    At least that would have been more meaningful than Harry Potato!

    Gwei Mui: Did I read a YAY! That made me more confident... hehe
    Glad you liked the post!

    Ummie: I am neither. Though I would love to be "You don't know who!"

    Yvonne: I better talk to my parents about funds! LOL

    Lazy Pineapple: Take a nice deep breath. The next part might be here soon. But, please don't choke on reading the story... hehe

    Succot: That was very confidence boosting. Thank you!:)

    Farmers Wifey: You better sit properly. The next part might make you fall...:)

    Sam Liu: I had to think twice if Dumpydoor made even a little bit of sense. Looks like, it didn't! LOL

    sheri...: I never noticed the Followers Tab on your Blog. Yesterday, I had a vision and a closer look revealed the box...:)
    Glad you liked it!

    Brian Miller: Glad you liked it. Keep away from potatoes... LOL

    Chrissy: That might be an issue. Thinking takes a lot of time. Writing happens in hours. Checking for errors takes a day.... hehe

    Baili: Do it. You can then put the blame on "You don't know who"... LOL
    Have a good day!:)

    Luchi Smiles: Maybe, he did. I guess he now wants me to join the Dark forces. I better get my stick, sorry wand!:)

    RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild: You missed out potatoes. Think about it. Harry Potato logos on real potatoes. That way, kids will eat their vegetables... hehe
    Now, that you mentioned, I better start searching for wooden sticks. That way I can sell them.
    "Harry Potato wands on sale!"

    Bossy Betty: Have a good day!:)

    Bearfriend: Thanks for stopping by.

    The Empress: It should take sometime. But should be there...:)

    Gina: Well, what happened on Mother's day was embarrassing. Let's talk about that later! LOL
    My room was clean until a twister struck... hehe

    Kristina: I just hope they don't read this stuff. Lord Voldemort won't appreciate his name... LOL

    Eugene: Have a good day Eugene!:)

    Cee: It should save the world. Do you think saving broccoli is a better task? LOL

  22. wow,
    Harry Potato is popular in my eyes,
    Can't wait to see the 2nd part...
    Excellent story!
    Happy Monday!

  23. What a great story!!!!!!!!!!! Im you 200th follower...Oh yeah!!!

  24. I love Lord Voldesquirt. Sounds nasty and kinky at the same time. Funny story.

    Have a good day.

  25. oh you always, always, always makes me laugh, I think everybody in the building heard me laughing hysterically. It is so funny that you took the story of Harry Potter and made a parody from it, I can't wait for the next chapters.

    Thoughts of a Career Woman

  26. Simply put: Hilarious! I especially loved what you did to the names. that's a great parody. a parody to Twilight has been made, it's called "the Night Light" So I'm hoping for "Harry Potter and the worthless stone" to be next!

  27. I meant Harry Potato. I'm still used to the old names!

  28. VERY funny- can't wait to

  29. Harry Potato? Haha! I asked my kids if they've ever heard of Harry Potato and I showed them the picture on your blog. They said it's only a potato. I had my eldest read your story. She asked if this is part of Harry Potter. LOL! Keep up with it!

  30. You have the gift of character names, you really do. While this story seems vaguely familiar, I can't imagine where you're going with it.


    awards to choose,
    Happy Tuesday!
    I appreciate your friendship!

  32. Jingle: Glad you liked it. Have a good day...:)
    Thanks for sharing the awards!

    Natalee: Hello 200th follower... hehe
    Thanks for following!

    Guys: To be frank, it took me quite sometime to get that name... hehe

    Laura: See, everyone thinks its Harry Potter. A witch brainwashed your mind to compare the stories... LOL
    That's sounds to be a great way to annoy people. I should try it on my neighbor... hehe

    Maha: I just hope, Lord Voldemort is happy with his name. Just in case, I will get a wand today... LOL

    Stacey: Glad you liked it. Have a good day!:)

    RoseBelle: Oh. Wow! I will talk to JK Rowling about including a 8th part... hehe

    Theresa Milstein: Well, there's a lot. First, harry needs to find the potatoes...:)

  33. Turn that gold in a movie, u will make millions.

  34. I have tried remake it too calling the series, "Harry Pooter."

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  35. Truly compelling stuff. Seriously, I'm choking up here. Oh... that's a potato in throat. Sorry. :P