Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harry Potato and the Worthless stone - II

To read Part - I, click here.

Horrid and Harry left the bank. They had to get to the Railway Station.
Horrid said, "Your parents were great wizards, Harry."
"Yes, they were. The best among all the wizards. You don't know who turned them into green leafy vegetables and a guy from the Supermarket put them in the veggies section."
"What were they made into?"
"You Mom into Broccoli and you dad, Spinach."
"Yuck. I hate them both. I mean, the vegetables."
"That's exactly what
You don't know who wanted. He knew you hated the veggies. This meant you indirectly hated your parents!"
"I think, I need to speak to him about which are my favorites..."
"No, Harry! He's not a wizard anymore. The day he attacked you..."
"I know. His spell went wrong and he lost all his powers. My head turned into a Potato and I got this pore."
"Anyways, I was wondering why you name is Horrid?"
"That's a huge story, Harry. A guy made a typographical error on my Birth Certificate. Harrid became Horrid. An 'o' makes a lot of difference."

Harry and Horrid had now arrived at the Railway Station. Horrid looked at Harry and said, "This is were I leave you, Harry. The train to Togwarts should be waiting at Platform... wait let me check."
Horrid took out a small dairy and read, "At platform 9.75118265341752."
"That's a platform? So where do I find it?"
"It should be there after the 9th one, I guess. Oh yeah, Harry don't speak to Chefs. They will take you to a restaurant and you might end up being French Fries or something else. You are a real Potato, remember?"
"I know. You don't know who used a spell on me..."
"Alright. Looks like you got it. See ya!"

Horrid left as Harry started walking towards the platform. He kept wandering when he found a woman.
"Ma'am is this Platform 9.751182..."
"To Togwarts. This is it. You need to run through that wall with a Ski mask and a Body armor."
"Alright. But, why do I need an armor?"
"That's a brick wall, son! The armor should save you if you get a digit wrong..."

Harry looked a bit worried. He was bad at math. The woman said, "Don't worry. My son is here for the first time. His name is Pong Weasley."
Harry and Pong put on their gear and ran towards the wall. The next moment, they were looking at a Red train. There were kids everywhere. Harry and Pong got themselves a seat. The Togwarts Express had begun.

"I am Pong. Pong Weasly."
"Nice to meet you. I am Harry Potato."
"Wow. Are you the Harry Potato?"
"I am just Harry Potato. I don't have a The at the beginning."
"Whoa. So its true. Is that the Pore You don't know who left?"
"Yeah. His spell went wrong and it made me a Potato."
"Hey. You're the chosen one and saving the Potatoes, I mean the real ones is your job. What are you doing on a train to Togwarts?"
"Oh. I totally forgot about that..."

Harry Potato was the chosen one and finding the potatoes was his task. Since he had forgotten about it, getting off the train was a bigger task...   (to be continued)


  1. You mean, potato's parents were broccoli and spinach? So it's also possible that Harry might have an apple as his child if he marry a banana someday? LOL.
    Part III please.....

    Have a good day Mr. S!

  2. The numbers above, J K Rowling's IP address? Must get the author to read this - The plot is getting more interesting.

  3. Brilliant! I love this, it simply has to be made into a published book. " They will take you to a restaurant and you might end up being French Fries or something else. You are a real Potato, remember?" That made me laugh so much, I can't wait for the next part :D

  4. Enjoyed this instalment, waiting for the next.

    Have a good day.


  5. Another great day being kick started by a grin and aching sides! I agree Mr S publish, publish, publish. Please don't leave it so long before you post the next chapter. Have a great day :)

  6. heheh
    Oh my god...this was tooo funny.

    You have changed the genealogy of Harry Potato...
    waiting or the next part...

  7. I totally agree with Sam. That was brilliant and hilarious!

  8. Ah, a magical adventure about vegetables, what a great idea.;) This is the next big thing, Rowling watch out.,))

  9. EWWW if his parents were turned into vegtables and he ate them would that still be canibalism?

  10. This is going in so many wrong directions. Keep writing!

  11. Broccoli and Spinach so will their offspring be leeks or bok choy!
    Hilarioius..... Waiting to read your next post

  12. The old typographical error on the birth certificate. Happens to everyone.

  13. cute, funny, and vivid.
    finding the potatoes was his task...we got to know what's next..

    Happy Thursday!

  14. Loved it! That was hysterical and I'm totally into it, ready for part 3!!

  15. Hi Mr Stupid. Don't speak to any chefs lol!

    Brilliant stuff. Can't wait to see where this is going!

    Bearfriend xx

  16. "run through that wall with a Ski mask and a Body armor"? LOL! Harry had every reason to be worried! You have such an imaginative mind! Keep the story coming :)

  17. I love harry potato.
    But not harry potatoes. Strange.

  18. HAHA! That was great, looking forward to the next Part =D

  19. I like how Horrid will only refer to the bad guy as "You don't know who". Sounds so ominous.

    Let's hope Harry doesn't turn into a pile of french fries.

  20. Stupid is as stupid does...hehehh...

  21. You confuse the heck out of me but you make me laugh! :)

  22. I will never eat vegetables again. It'd be murder! :(

  23. Great, great stuff. Keep it coming. :-)

  24. dude, having a mom and dad that are spinach and brocolli would be a nightmare...smiles. you are a story teller...

  25. happy Thursday,
    Happy Friday ahead!

  26. You would make us wait for part 3. That was great can't wait for part 3. Great writing! Keep it up! Looking forward to your next post. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! ((HUGS!)) :)


  27. Cee: Maybe, they might have twin Potatoes! Is Banana a wizard too? hehe

    Ummie: Glad you liked it. I guess it is her IP address!

    Sam Liu: Chefs can be scary at times. Glad you liked the post...:)

    Yvonne: That should take some time. I need to think of something more silly... LOL

    Gwei Mui: I need to talk to my Dad then. He might still want to hear the story though... hehe

    Lazy Pineapple: Too bad. The wizard is now a Potato. Have an awesome day!

    Maha: Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by, Maha!

    Zuzana: Rowling watch out. There might be some more veggies in this story. I still hate them though!

    Mamma has spoken: Harry Potato hates Brocolli and Spinach. So, he won't be eating them. Only if Lord Voldesquirt had made them into Candies...:)

    Alex: Now that you've mentioned, I guess it is! hehe

    YogaSavy: I guess so. Thanks for stopping by..:)

    Kristina: Too bad. Horrid has to live his life with that typo name.

    Jingle: I need to think about that. Let's see, first let him get off the train!

    Melinda: Glad you liked it. Toodles!:)

    Bearfriend: They can be really scary. Have an awesome day.

    RoseBelle: What was that woman thinking. Running through a wall? Ski mask and a Body armor. Now, what was I thinking?

    MiMi: Glad you like Harry Potato. I will convince him to send you an autograph... LOL

    JStar: Have a good day!:)

    Al`eh: Glad you liked it. Have a nice day...:)

    Theresa: Looks like everybody says "You don't know who". But they still know its Lord Voldesquirt.

    Deborah: I should have stopped when I made his name Harry Potato! LOL

    Beth: I did the same when my Cousin asked me a Math Problem. He forgot what he knew and got a D on his test!

    Tony: Maybe, Lord Voldesuirt's spell has gone wrong many times and everyone out there are Vegetables!

    Succot: Thanks for stopping by.

    Brian: I know. They can be really scary at times! hehe

    Gina: Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by, Gina...:)

  28. Hahahahahaha......
    You made me really SMILE :-)
    Love this post ......

    Have a Happy Weekend

    Kareltje & Anya

  29. Thanks for the smile. You are such a good writer. Keep writing.

  30. brilliant! i went back to read the first and now im waiting for the next one.

    also. two things:

    1. i havent seen any of the parry hotters (thats an actual post title i used some time ago) and i like your version MUCH better

    2. i also had a hospital mix up with my name, but it actually worked in my favor. my name was supposed to be 'dammy'... i was a surprise pregnancy

  31. HAhaha, ..that was a brilliant idea about vegetables!:) Well done. You're talented. That's for sure.

  32. woo hoo i was waiting for part 2 ..and you didnt dissapoint in this one!!!!!

  33. hey, mr. stupid, how's it going? i've been out for a few days but this morning i'm trying extra hard to catch up on the blogs i follow, to see what's going on in your part of the world ;)
    ah, the second installment of harry potato!! i may be the one and only person on the planet who has never read nor seen a harry potter offering BUT thanks to my grands, i have a pretty good indication as to where this is headed ;) i adore your silly and entertaining rendering of the hp especially laughable line was, "At platform 9.75118265341752." you are truly a very funny guy!

  34. Do I foresee an encounter with an evil Mr. Potato Head? Or will Harry Potato be forced to BECOME a Mr. Potato Head? (Shuddering)

  35. What a great introduction to your blog! This is a hoot!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you. Now I'd going to be brave and read your profile.


  36. This is so good! It would make a great story book for kids.

  37. Anya: Glad you liked the post. Have a great weekend too...:)

    Mary: Thanks and have a nice day!

    sammy: HAHA. That's nice. Parry Hotter. I better read that post. Maybe Potato and Hotter know each other... hehe

    Betty: I might want to introduce a few that I hate next time...:)

    Natalee: Wow. That's nice. Glad you could read all of Part 2... LOL

    Sheri...: To be frank, I was reading a Book when I realized it was Harry Potter. I then purchased three parts on Amazon and have watched the others in Theatres. Grands can always help. Though, when I showed Harry Potter to my Grandmom, she fell asleep...:)
    Have a good day!

    Vicki: Thanks for that idea. Well, we will add in something scary. How about the Evil Potato Pore? LOL

    Joanna: Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. Look away while reading my profile!:)

    Tracie: I better start with showing this story to my eight year old cousin. Let's see his reaction first!