Friday, May 28, 2010

Harry Potato and the Worthless stone - III

To read Part - II, click here.

Harry Potato panicked. There was no way he could get off the train. Pong kept saying, "Saving the potatoes is your job. What are you doing on a train to Togwarts?"
"I get it, Pong. I forgot and now I have to think of a way to get out of here..."
"Saving the potatoes..."
, pong continued.

As Harry looked out of the window, there was a voice from behind. "So its true. You're Harry Potato, aren't you? I am Hermione Ginger."
"Nice to meet you."
"And you are...?
"Pong. Pong Weasley. Oh yeah, I forgot my lines - Saving the potatoes was your job..."
"What's he saying?", hermione asked.
"I had to save the potatoes, I mean the real ones from the Supermarket. I forgot about it and got on this train. Pong keeps reminding me of what I've done and that makes me feel more awful."
"There's no way you can get off this train. You need to speak to Professor Dumpydoor when we get to Togwarts."

The train arrived at Togwarts by nightfall. Everyone were off the train and Horrid was waiting to guide them to the School. "This way. Keep up guys."
As Harry was walking, there was a voice, "So, its true. Harry Potato has come to Togwarts. But, what's the chosen one doing at a School? He should have been at the Supermarket saving potatoes. But NO. He's here to learn magic. I almost forgot. I am Bellboy, Draco Bellboy."
"What's a Bellboy doing in a school?"
, pong asked.
"Bellboy is my Last name. And you must be a Weasley to ask such a silly question."

The kids followed Horrid until they got to the main gates. A woman was waiting for them.
"Hello and Welcome to Togwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
I am Professor McDonald's. In a few moments, you will be entering these gates and joining your classmates. But before that, you must be sorted into your houses. They are Corridor, Superthin, Birdieclaw and Shufflepuff. There's a reason why all of you are here. You are all wizards and will be learning to use spells and blah blah. Though, one person is here forgetting what he was supposed to do..."
"I am sorry. I just forgot!", harry said.
"Whatever. Follow me to the great hall."

Everyone followed Professor McDonald's. "Now, you will all be sorted in your houses by the Sorting Baseball cap."

Pong Weasley was called. The cap was placed on his head and it said, "This is easy. Pong! That's a funny name. I used to play Ping Pong an year ago. I was really good at it... Oh yeah, I forgot to sort you. Well, Corridor!"

Draco Bellboy was next. The Sorting Baseball cap was placed on his head. "Firstly, Bellboy? That's hilarious. Anyways, lots of evil. It should be Superthin... Seriously, Bellboy? HA HA"

Hermione was placed in Corridor. Harry Potato was called next. The cap was placed on his head. "Harry Potato. The boy who turned into a...  hey, weren't you supposed to save the Potatoes at the Supermarket?"

"Everyone's asked me that today. I forgot, alright?"

"Okay. You don't have to yell. Anyways, Corridor!"

Everybody were placed in different houses. Professor McDonald's said, "Your attention please. Professor Dumpydoor wants to make an announcement."
"Hello everyone. I have a few things I wish to announce. And I need to say it quick or I might just forget. The first years please note that the Dark Forest is strictly out of bounds. And also our caretaker has asked me to inform you that the 7th floor..."

"We don't have seven floors professor. The third floor is forbidden."
, professor McDonald's whispered.
"I knew that. I meant the third floor. Anyways, stay away from that floor. And if you get there by any chance, run around screaming!"

Dumpydoor looked at Harry and waved. He was the only one who hadn't spoken about the task. But, he often forgot things...   (to be continued)


  1. Oh, right as it was getting good! I hope Harry Potato prevails!

  2. You have such a vivid imagination my blogging friend! Well done!

  3. What an imagination, going to take Harry Potato on the film circuit?

    Have fun.

  4. Get it copyrighted then sell it. LOL, but why not?

    Have a good day!

  5. Hey Mr S, brilliant! Think of the marketing potential!! I'm greedy I now want to read the next chapter :)

  6. You are giving Rowling a run for her money :P
    Keep it up..waiting for the next part :)

  7. Prof. McDonald's and Bellboy, those made me laugh out loud.;) And to be placed in a Corridor housing cannot be the most comfortable place to be, not much privacy I guess.;))
    Great narrative, have a splendid weekend,

  8. Love your harry Patato silly story's :-)

    Have a Happy Weekend

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  10. you are a bonafide nut case...i've always suspected it but now i know it to be true! harry potato is getting in over his head and i fear he'll soon be au gratin, or worse yet, latkes frying in hot oil!! get the job done, harry, so that peace will be restored!!

  11. Hey, where is my post here? I commented this morning?

    Hmmm...I love your version of Harry Potter, now J.K. Rowling must have found an arch nemesis in you for trying to compete...:) Lols..!!!

    You're another ribtickler, next to my one good friend!

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    That was so fun, Mr. Stupid! Loved it!

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    Unlike the commentor before me, I would not like to be present in your head. I'm already insane enough. lol. Take care!

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