Friday, May 14, 2010

Meeting the Principal

School was always the worst part of my day. What made it even more bad was meeting the Principal. I have been to that room more times than Mr. Principal himself. I often waited for him outside his room. He would be late for school most times.

I was there for the first time in second grade. It was the Art class and I was drawing a house. My teacher stopped by and said, "You need to draw a flower. Its on the board. Copy it down."
"Since, I have started with a house, I will finish this and add a tiny flower to make you happy."
"You might want to erase the entire house and draw a bigger flower."
, he said.
"How about we do this. You get me a bigger paper and I will draw a bigger house and then a flower."

The next moment, I was at the Principal's office. My parents were called. They were surprised and so was Mr. Principal to find a second grader in his room.

Then there were other excuses of how the dog ate my homework and the monster under my bed that didn't let me do my assignments. There was this one time during the Maths class.
"Everyone can submit their assignments here."

I was raising my hand and then said, "Unfortunately, I couldn't do the assignment."
"And why is that?"
"I was on a secret mission, Ma'am."
"And can I know what that was?"
"Telling that wouldn't keep it a secret, would it?"

I was again sent to the Principal's office. He looked very sad and a little bit sleepy. It was 8:45 am. School began at 8:30.
He looked at me and said, "Already? So what did you do this time?"
"Sir, I did nothing. I was unable to complete my assignment."
"May I ask why?"
I told him about the secret mission.
"Aaaa... Alright. Go to your class."

Maybe, he knew all about it. Anyways, second grade was filled with meeting the principal time. We were best buddies. He always had the same look on his face and said, "What this time?"

Third grade arrived. I was at the Science class. I hated it very much. And we had a talk on that particular day. My topic was, "Plants and Animals".
I was called to the front of the class. I began -

Today, I am going to tell you guys everything about Plants and Animals. Plants can be dangerous. Keep away from them. After the recent arrival of Aliens to planet Earth, plants and shrubs now have teeth. The next time you touch them, you might get bitten and need fifteen stitches with an Anti-rabies vaccine.
Animals can be equally scary. Never fall for their looks. These are actually aliens in costumes and are planning to take you to a planet you can't even spell. Then, they make you an alien and send you back to Earth. I would recommend that you keep away from both Plants and Animals and the so called subject, Science. At times, I wonder if teachers are part of the Alien clan too...The End!

Drum roll... Again, the Principal's office. My parents were called and I was asked to repeat the entire speech. It looked like the Science teacher was waiting for the last line. Once I was done, my Mom asked, "That's a talk on Plants and Animals?"
"Everybody wants the same old thing. I can't help it..."

My parents and the teacher were shocked. Though, Mr. Principal still had the same expression...


  1. The memory of talking that long walk of shame down to the Principal's (though in the UK they're called Headmasters or Headmistresses) office is forever burned into my memory banks. I was only seen twice - but that was two times too many. Once to be labeled as a heathen for questioning the act of communion in a Religious Education Lesson. I was banned from school for a week for that. And once to be canned for having had the termerrity to correct a teacher who had so arrogantly pronounced that none of the pupils in the room would yet own a passport. Well I did, I'd had one since the age of eleven months. The day after I was canned I took my passport in to show both the Principal and the teacher. They both looked exceedingly embarrassed, but I didn't get an apology. Great post Mr S.

  2. Ok at least you befriended your principal. I've been told many times about how back in the days, children would be hit on the hand or buttocks by the teacher and principal for misconduct or whatever the teacher deemed valid for a school beating.

    You argued well for a second grader. LOL!

  3. S: You had such an active imagination...and still have it...wonderful post. Thankfully I was miss goody two shoes and never got hauled to the principal's office though I have stood outside the classroom a few times for not completing my home work.

  4. I got bitten by plants in my yard! Now, I have thousands of stitches in my body. LOL!

    How many times have you repeated the 2nd grade? haha

    Good day S!

  5. my dear mr. s, i applaud you three times over! once, for being nice in the midst of being totally non-compliant. twice, for making it through the second grade because i know that the school would have done anything to get you to junior high. and thirdly, for making my day because i love reading your stuff! have a good one :)

  6. I think I saw the principal more times than I ought......wasn't the best behaved in the class.

    Enjoyed your post very much.

    Take care.

  7. Hi Mr Stupid. No one will ever accuse you of giving us "the same old thing" lol.

    Bearfriend xx

    PS Are you going to tell us about the secret mission?

  8. LOL!!!! love it!!! Poor thing were just full of imagination...

  9. Made me laugh! I can't believe some of the things you were sent to the principal for...apparently you were cursed with non-imaginative (and unappreciative) teachers.

  10. Personally, I liked the plants and animals speech. I would think the teacher would enjoy the diversity and ingenuity.

  11. Ah, I love a kid with a great imagination! That's the spirit!;) I was the same when I was a child, always inventing things.
    Why do adults punish children's imagination, I wonder. That is the most precious possession they have.
    Have a great weekend,

  12. Would love to know your secret mission! Keep your imagination flowing!It is a key to new openings...
    Thank You for stopping by

  13. My creative students were always my favorites...some teachers and principals just don't know how to appreciate.

  14. I think your principal and teacher did not see the fact that your non conforming to doing what was asked was certainly missed... Its obvious that u were brighter and found the tasks boring? am I right? When I was an aide we were constantly changing up the lessons for one student and we found that she grew if she were given a chance to do it 'her way'....w/modification from us.

  15. I never met the principal. Guess I wasn't much of a rebel.

  16. Rebel student. Thank goodness!!!

  17. Wonderful, wonderful story! I was laughing throughout, you were obviously a very witty and gifted child, I'm sure Mr. Principle appreciated this :D

  18. I would never have sent you to the Principal's office. I would have given you an A for sure.

    This is funny. You should have become a Principal.

  19. I think you should've gotten extra points for your creativity.

  20. great, so having a blog called 'stupidation' is my son's destiny.

    he has an active imagination and the principal has my cell on speed dial.

    its all good though, because his imagination is basically my fault anyway

    ; )

  21. I love creativity and creative persons.
    You ra just one of them!
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  22. Haha Sorry they just didn't get you, isn't it great to have a blog where people get it?!

  23. Good grief ... so did they finally graduate you in self-defense?

  24. Nobody appreciates a creative mind anymore! We must all be cattle that follow in line to get slaughtered....

  25. I got sent to the principals office more times than I can count in the 6-8th grades. I had a homeroom teacher that I hated. So I called him fat, old, bald, stinky, ugly, never ended well for me. You'd think I would've learned.

  26. I went to the principals office once, when I first started at this new school, but just to meet him and see his huge paddle for spanking bad students...never went back!

  27. Mr. Principal would be reading this right now and finally seeing that you din't turn out that bad..and finally Mr.Principal smiles! :)

  28. once for me,
    too shy and formal at elementary school,
    you are full of humors...
    what wonderful reflections...
    without those memories, you would not be you.
    thus it is not that bad after all,

  29. it is a very hard thing to conform when you were made to be "outside the box". I tried for many years to bang on the box and get it to let me in. I pretended to be inside the box to get people to think i was normal and like me. Finally, I gave up and celebrated that i am and always will be different. If we can discipline ourselves a little bit, we can go a long long way as we shape the gift (of being differnt). Great story, great post! I'm glad that i homeschool my kids because i can see them in some of those situations :-) Have a lovely weekend!

  30. Hey...I found you through Sammy at To your blog and because I'm a crazy lady, I've given you an award. Come on over and see. Don't rules, you won't get sent to the principal's office...

  31. Gwei Mui: You should have punched the two guys on their faces. And then apologized. I would have at least called them names. Actually, I was at the Principal's office a couple of times for calling teachers Baldy, Stinky and other silly but correct names... hehe

    RoseBelle: I often wonder, how I did that well...:)
    Hitting never happened in my School. Though, my parents were called all the time. My Mom made visits on a weekly basis... LOL

    Lazy Pineapple: To be frank, standing outside was fun. You got to see everyone walk past and Mr. Cleaner stare and then read the Bulletin Board...:)

    Cee: That means what I said was true? BTW, did you take the vaccine? hehe
    I did it only once. I was glad it was over!

    Sheri...: I would have planned an army in that case! LOL
    Glad you liked it...:)

    Yvonne: Maybe, the Principals liked meeting us. Though, I wonder why he never took my autograph... hehe
    Take care!:)

    Bearfriend: It wouldn't be a secret if I told you, would it? LOL
    To be frank, I still can't remember what I was talking that day. Maybe, a trip to the Grocery store was the mission... hehe

    Natalee: Glad you like it. Have a good day!

    MissV: Lets put it this way. I was cursed with teachers and a weird Principal... LOL

    TechnoBabe: Maybe, she couldn't stand the fact of the last line. The teachers are planning to take us to a planet we can't even spell...:)

    Zuzana: They never agree with what we say. I guess it happens when we become big. The "Imagination draining witch" does it!

    YogaSavy: I guess it was just a trip to the Grocery Store. Though, I really can't recall what I meant that day!

    Writing Without Periods!: That's good. Have a nice day...:)

    Chrissy: I am glad School is over. Because, I hated it very much. The teachers made it even more worse and the subjects were bad too!

    Alex: That's great news. At least you didn't have to wait for the lazy Principal outside his room.

    Bossy Betty: I sure was a Rebel Student. They might have even had my pics on the Notice Board. Though, that never happened... hehe

    Sam Liu: Maybe, the blank face meant he appreciated it. Glad you liked it. Have a good day, Sam!

    Cheeseboy: Wow. Why didn't I think of that. Though, I get scared thinking what the School will end up into when I am Mr. Principal. LOL

    Tammy: An "A" would have been good.

    Sammy: Looks like he needs a blog with this name. BTW, change your number. That's the best alternative. My Dad did that once...:)

    Betty: Great to know I am creative. Can I be King Creative from Creativity Land?
    That sounds nice to hear...:)

    Melinda: Yup. This is much better! Toodles...:)

    Beth: Nah. And to do just that, I joined Karate classes. They ended bad too...:)

    ASBLACKASOBAMA: Maybe, yes! Thanks for stopping by...:)

    MiMi: Wow. I called people Baldy and Ugly. Hairy sounds funny. I wonder why I never used that. LOL

    Shannon: Never again? That's amazing. Though, making it there had become a routine in my case... hehe

    Gautam: Wow. Now, that's a happy ending. I would still like to call him once, Baldy!

    Jingle: Have a good day, Jingle...:) Homeschooling seems to be fun. Its hard to live a life that's not ours. Just be the way you are and it works. Though, it brings lots of trouble!

    Terry: Thanks for sharing that Award. I am your newest follower!:)

  32. It must just be me, but, honestly: it was always a teeny bit thrilling to hear my name called over the loudspeaker to go see the principal.


    Have a great weekend, thanks for your visits!

  33. I could see you at the principal office all the time because you have such a great wonder of imagination and you are so creative. The principal should receive an award for you being in his school. The teacher should receive an award for putting up with your imagination and creativity. And most of all you should receive an award for being YOU! Hope you are having a great weekend!!! :)


  34. This time, I laughed myself to tears. Very funny, Mr (not) Stupid.
    I wonder if you will soon write a memoir of yourself in your mother's womb? Your mother must be reading to you many funny jokes that turned you to a funny person.

  35. You remind me of my younger son. In seventh grade, he got in an argument with his teacher and had just about argued the poor guy into the ground. The teacher said to him, "Justin, you'd make a good lawyer."

    And Justin said, "Well, Mr. ___, you'd make a good truck driver."

    Off to the principal. . .

  36. I only got to see the principal once. I guess I shouldn't have been throwing rocks up in the seemed fun at the time.

  37. So funny. When my kids get in trouble, I do often wonder what their perspective is, since they aren't as articulate or forthcoming as you were. Thanks for the insight. :)

  38. So so funny post
    its reminds me from my schoolyears
    longggggg ago ....... LOL
    Very creative words!!

  39. I never was sent to the Principal's office. I was such a goody two shoes. I was so afraid of doing anything wrong. Still sort of am. :)

  40. AHhhh that was Fantastical!! If I was the principle I'd let you off every time!!! =D
    To freakin' hilarious and cute!
    Great blog yet again, keep it up
    Take care!

  41. If I were the teacher, I wouldn't have been able to hold back the laughter. Kids are SO funny! I bet you were great!!

  42. well. i like mr. principal. good guy. and boys like favorite! ;) very cool.

  43. Good for you for showing your true character. Does a principal always match the wits of his student subjects?

  44. I always kept well away from the principal - scared of authority figures. Feel the same about the police.


  45. I am so happy I had it in with my principal we were cool.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  46. The Empress: I enjoyed the celebrity status too. You get to have a chat with the Principal everyday. That's amazing... hehe

    Gina: Wow. That's many awards. I would love to sell the ones my Principal and teachers got on Ebay!:)
    Have a great day!

    Ummie: I guess she did. She loves to read comic strips and watch funny movies!
    I will send some more tissue paper your way... hehe

    Vicki Lane: That's brave. A Truck driver or a Garbage truck driver? Just asking... LOL

    Succot: Did it fall on the Principal's head? Anyways, rock throwing is an art. You should develop it. Honestly...:)

    FabuLeslie: Whenever kids get in trouble, its always elders at fault. I believed that then. I do, now too...:)

    Anya: Glad you liked it. Have a good day!:)

    Kristina P.: Wow. That's an achievement. I was there many times!

    Al`eh: I'll try to Time travel and make you the Principal...:)
    Glad you liked it. Have a good day.

    Lisa: Even when I said Teachers were aliens? Wow. I just wish you were my teacher then...:)

    PMC: Good to know I am a favorite. Hooray!

    Paul C: They never do. And that's one reason why they are the Principals... LOL

    Suzanne: I have never troubled a Policeman. Promise!:)

    Tiffany: You guys were best friends. That's interesting...:)

  47. I've had students like the second-grade you. It sounds like your teachers were way too twitchy. I would've given you an offer you couldn't refuse. Problem solved.

  48. Great story! You have me diving into the memory banks now. My trips to the office usually ended with me being punished for something I had done.
    I usually deserved it...

  49. Wow! If I had been the principle I would have been laughing for sure...every single time. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! I can't wait to read more of yours!!!

  50. It wouldn't be the best idea to have me as principle. I would play favorites and you would probably end up to be one of those favorites, LOL! Then I would get fired, then where would we be =O hehehe

  51. I've had the pleasure of never once having to go to the principal's office... thank heavens. I probably would've wet myself on the way there. It always seemed like such a scary place and the principal such a scary dude. I guess that was enough to make me behave... or be a wuss... :P