Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts

Everything was perfectly planned. We had the card ready and the flowers were about to arrive anytime.
At 12 am, my brother and I wished my mom "Happy Mother's Day!". My dog was there too. He barked a couple of times. It meant "Happy Mother's Day" or "Can I get some food?"

My Brother had made a Greeting Card. We gave it to her. The moment she saw it, she seemed a little bit shocked, but then she thanked both of us.

I decided to look at the card. It was made from a Newspaper. On one side was news and on the other was a blank sheet stuck with words written.

Happy Mother's Day!

Well... Here you go...
From your Sons.

Both of us are bad at creativity. My Mom thanked us and went to sleep. So did my Dog when he realized he wasn't getting anything to eat.
Anyways, we had ordered for a bouquet of roses. Since the guy at the store couldn't come, my brother's friends volunteered. Weird beard and Mister Boo were more than happy to come over and drop the flowers.
They were supposed to come at twelve. But then, they came a bit later and called my brother on his phone. We went down and the guys kept blinking. Now, blinking meant trouble!

They had brought the bouquet but it was missing many roses.
"Where are all the flowers?"
"Well, as we got out of the store and to the Parking lot, a dog appeared from nowhere and began barking..."
"We ran. And while running, dropped the flowers."
"Go on..."
"The dog ate them."

Since, the flowers were part of the Gift, we had to do something. We didn't have any roses in our garden. And plucking other flowers was a big NO! The only place to go was my neighbor's house.
We first planned of sneaking into his backyard. But then we decided to knock and ask. Since it was 12.30 am, that wasn't advisable too. Morning was a good time to come. Mister Boo and Weird Beard left and we both went to sleep.

We dropped by my neighbor's house at 6 am. His wife opened the door.
"Happy Mother's Day!"
"Thank you so much, boys!"
"You're welcome. Can we have a flower? Its a Mother's day gift for Mom."
"Sure. Pick whichever you like."

As we were looking, my neighbor arrived.
"You guys need any help?"
"No thanks. We were here to pick a flower."

We decided to pick two. The guy was still standing next to us. As we left he said, "Didn't you mean a flower? I see you've picked two."
I couldn't think of anything but this, "This one is for you. Happy Mother's day!"
Oh no. Why did I wish him? Anyways, he didn't say a thank you. He kept staring!

As we ran home, the rose decided to fall off his hands and I stamped it. The rose was now off the stick. Getting to my neighbor's house wasn't a wise thing to do after wishing him.
Alternative? Put the rose back. I sellotaped the flower to the stick and we gave it to my Mom. We kept smiling like two tortoises expecting her to ignore the tape. Looks like she did see it. She was happy though. But again shocked...


  1. What a tale to tell, enjoyed the read as usual.

    Have a happy day,

  2. It's the effort and thought that counts! My daughter forgot this year, but then again so did I!

  3. Great story, a very enjoyable read. And after all, it's the thought that counts :D

  4. so sweet...your mom must be so happy...atleast you guys remembered...that is the best part :)

  5. This was a great read, you certainly put a smile on my face, this being a very cold and rainy morning.;)
    I read your blog and your profile; so far I think it was anything but mistake.;)
    I will for sure return.;))
    Thank you so much for your visit and a great comment,

  6. wow, when you do it, you do it well ;)
    ok, as a mom i could certainly appreciate the gallant effort to give her something nice but her next door neighbor despising her for having, uh, um, 'challenged' children...i just don't know about that one!
    i ALWAYS love coming by :)

  7. thanks for the chuckles. i find it amazing that you speak dog...i am sure she loved it...

  8. At last, you almost move me to tears.

  9. awwww i love that story!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Your mom probably enjoyed this story more than any other gift. :)

  11. I feel like I've dropped into an alternative universe!

  12. LOL,bet the neighbor called her! lol...

  13. I think that that was a great gift…The card was AWESOME.

  14. Good thing some stupid person made up the saying "It's the thought that counts."

  15. Sorry - made a bit of a mess trying to post a comment above. Can't spell - shouldn't be allowed out most days.

    I'm sure your Mom was very happy.


  16. Sounds like a future Mother's Day I will be experiencing (you know, in the future).

  17. What a great story. I love the dialogue. Your mom must have some stories too. :-)

  18. Oh my... LOL! That is one of the best and yet worst mother's day stories I've ever heard! I applaud you fo your efforts!!

  19. LOL! Mr. Stupid does it again. I liked your card. So touching. Well, here you go...

  20. got something kind of cool going on here. i was recently tagged to add 1-3 lines to a story already in progress and i'm tagging you! i love your writing and i'm anxious to see what you will add, if you choose to try it out? Wordy Wednesdays@Tara Miller Writes is the address but i ain't smart enough when it comes to this world wide web to give you a direct link, sorry :(

  21. Ohmy. Silly boys. Glad it turned out ok.

  22. Boys rule! I have 2, so I know.

  23. I'm here to tell you, Moms appreciate any effort from their kids on Mother's Day.

  24. Wait. Did this happen this year? Or about ten years ago?

  25. Between your neighbor's generosity with the flower and your capable ingenuity in taping the flower back together, it sounds like you guys saved the day and made your mom happy. Btw, your adventures are hysterical.

    Sorry, I've missed the last couple posts. I've been depressed, lately. Mother's Day has something to do with it. Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day, even with the trouble you had beforehand. :-) Take care!

  26. It was the thought that counts and I am sure you made your mother proud. "TAKE CARE" :)


  27. Yvonne: Glad you like it. Have a good day!:)

    Gwei Mui: To be frank, the Greeting card wasn't an effort at all... LOL

    Sam Liu: Yup. At least we didn't forget...:)

    Lazy Pineapple: She sure was happy. Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Zuzana: Glad you liked the post. Hope the rain is gone by now.
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Sheri...: Something always happens and my neighbor plays a part in most acts... hehe
    BTW, thanks for inviting me. But, I am really not good at writing. Words blurt out and I type them while in a trance! LOL

    Brian Miller: To be frank, the barks are always the same. Since, food is the only thing he asks for most times, I can translate what he says perfectly...:)

    Ummie: I will mail you some tissue paper right away... LOL
    Have a good day, Ummie!:)

    Natalee: Glad you liked it.

    Tracie: I just hope she did. My neighbor told her everything. Even when I wished him "Happy Mother's Day"...:)

    Vicki Lane: This is an alternate universe. Though, you will still find aliens from Mars! LOL
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Chrissy: Yup. He told her everything!

    Teachinfourth: The card? It was made from a newspaper. With the wishes, my Mom got to read headlines too... hehe

    Robyn: Maybe, he had done the same thing on Mother's day. See, everything happens for a reason... LOL

    Suzanne: She looked happy. A little bit shocked though...:)

    Melinda: You better look for the tape under the flower...:)

    Mary: She must have had many. But, I always get to hear the Not embarrassing adventures she had in life.

    Serene: I just hope next year's doesn't top this story. And I mean in worse... LOL

    Cheeseboy: If you meant the card was horrible, blame my Brother. He was the one behind it.
    In case, you liked it, I was behind the creation....:)

    Beth: Is that a Compliment? hehe
    Have a good day!

    FabuLeslie: Actually, I just hope it turned out fine. I should get ready for Father's day then... LOL

    MiMi: I know. Though, my dog thinks he rules...
    Anyways, what did they give you?

    Secret agent woman: I know. She even liked the breakfast I prepared. Cereal with milk and popcorn - all mixed up together!

    Jason: It happened on Sunday. Four days back... LOL

    Kelly: Glad you liked it. I can't see a depressed Kelly. I always like the funny, jumping, shouting and what not guy...:)

    Gina: We did make her proud. Only on Mother's day... hehe

  28. I am sure you made your mother proud. TAKE CAre
    Canada Flower

  29. Thanks for the smile ^___^
    I hope your dog received enough food hehe...

  30. I like your sense of humor.
    beautiful image...
    Happy Thursday!

  31. Hmmm...I found a new HaRy, the ribtickler blogger friend in you!

    Well, it's not a mistake following you...:) But maybe you are not really a young boy, maybe old enough to be called young! YOur posts would say!

    If I were your Mom...I would be constantly smiling at your atrocities and mischievousness...:)

    But I like your story really! Now following you!

  32. Your mom obviously knows you two guys very well. She would be happy with a newspaper folded into a shape of a card. She knows living with you both is like living in a comedy play. You are both too funny.

  33. LOL I love this...I am sure your mom expected nothing more :)

  34. Awww, this is too funny! Your mom must get a kick out of you!


  35. Errr...the Mother's day card was...how should I put this..can be better. How about not using the newspaper next year and write a few more lines like "We love you for all you do for us".

    You should have taken a picture of your mom when she looked at the card. Priceless!

  36. The dog ate the roses? Isn't that kinda like the dog ate my homework? LOL! Great story!

  37. HA! This made me laugh. I suppose there's nothing wrong with shocking your mom a bit on her day. Awesome.

  38. You give new meaning to "It's the thought that counts".

    My husband likes to wrap gifts in newspaper, so he'd totally support a newspaper card. If he believed in cards. My daughter insisted on giving me a card for Mother's Day. He let her rummage though the card box and she wound up giving me the card I had planned to give her for her birthday. Didn't the blonde fairy girl clue him in?

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  40. Hilarious. I can just picture it! Thanks for visiting and following Life is Good.

  41. I'm sure it was a happy day for your mom though not for the man you greeted a happy mother's day. You should have said it's for her wife. LOL! :D

    Have a good day!
    Every Thought Counts

  42. I agree with Brian. Where did you learn to speak dog?

  43. I think all flowers should be Velcro.

    Every year my brother gives me a plant for mother's day and every year I kill it. This year my brother gave me a plant he said I can't kill. It has a well in the center that holds water. After five days, the plant still lives.

  44. As others have said, It's always the thought that counts, with mothers.

    ANd that's the truth.

  45. Pretty good considering your dog got to have his way of getting to say happy mother's day too!! :)

  46. NaveenAli: I just hope I did. Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Anya: He sure did. Believe me. He eats a lot! LOL

    Jingle: Wow. Thanks! Have a wonderful day.

    Amity: Thanks for the follow. Glad you liked my blog. Oh yeah, I am young. Though, I often wear Old people's mask... hehe

    TechnoBabe: I do send lots of complaints towards her. But, she still likes us for what we are!

    JStar: My Mom spoke to us about it yesterday. She couldn't stop laughing...:)

    Ally: Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by!

    RoseBelle: Maybe, I should have taken the pic. And please send all Card suggestions to my Brother. He decided to use the Newspaper. I was thinking about using a Magazine though... hehe

    Betsy: That's a different story. I told that to my teachers like a hundred times... LOL

    Lindzena: Glad you liked it. Though, I shock her almost everyday...:)

    Theresa: LOL. Maybe, he should give Newspaper cards a try too. Was the "Happy Birthday" cut off?

    Yvonne: Thanks for sharing the award, Yvonne. Take care!:)

    Tina: Thanks for dropping by. Glad you could picture the embarrassing situation... LOL

    Cee: He sure wasn't happy. I wonder why I wished him. Anyways, he kept staring like he always does...:)

    Dr. Heckle: I was looking through the window when my dog attended classes at the "School for Doggies"... hehe

    Lauren: Five days is a lot. Good job...:)

    The Empress: That line makes me happy. I feel less guilty and embarrassed... LOL

    Gautam: Maybe, he did say that. Take care:)

  47. http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/05/jingles-may-follower-award-week-3.html

    Happy Monday!
    Friendship tags 4 u.
    I enjoyed your company!

  48. The "Happy Birthday" was covered with a big sticker. The funny thing is, I had bought an extra Mother's Day card by accident, and my husband passed over that for the birthday card.

  49. You should have given her a couple of bags of flour... hence "flowers".

    Yeah, I know. Lame. Not like your story though. THAT was funny! :P

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