Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthdays, Cake Fights and the Stare!

Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday. Even Mr. Neighbor was born on the same day. The guy who hates me a lot and has my name written on the top five spots in his "People to Hate" list. The other five goes to my brother and my dog.

After what happened on Mother's day, my Mom thought it was best that we purchased a Greeting card rather than make one. We had planned on gifting my Dad a watch and Mr. Neighbor a pair of shoes.

We were first at a Greeting Card store. After browsing for two minutes, we realized it was taking really long. Then, he found a greeting card. It had lovely words written on it. So, that was the Card we needed.

We then purchased the watch and brought a pair of white sneakers for Mr. Neighbor. We were back by 11 in the night and went to sleep. Yesterday, we got up early to give the presents. I woke my Mom first and my brother showed her the Card.
"This is cute, guys. I like that teddy bear picture a lot. Wait a minute, Happy Birthday Mom?"
"What? Where?"
, we spoke at the same time.
"Here. This is a card for a Mom. Not a Dad. Look, it says all the sweet words and then, Happy Birthday Mom."
"Don't worry, mom. We'll think of something."
I was thinking and that was a bad thing to do. I thought of a plan and my brother agreed.

So, we woke Dad and wished him a Happy Birthday. Then we gave him his present and the greeting card.
He read the lines out loud -
"On your very special day...
May the Nicest and Sweetest things come your way!
Happy Birthday... The word Mom cut with a marker and Dad written?"

That was the best plan we had. In defense my brother said, "The first two lines rhyme, don't they?"
"They sure do. Was that a prank?"
, he laughed.
"It sure was..."
, we spoke together.
"Thank you so much..."

As long as he thought we had played a prank, we didn't have to disclose our plan. My mom though was laughing awkwardly at the back.

Next up was Cut the cake part. We had purchased a Chocolate Cake with red things at the top which a guy from the Bakery claimed were cherries. They never looked like one. But we still trusted him.
It was time we tried my Brother's Invention. He calls it the "Throws Cake At Your Face-inator" or "TCAYF-inator". The thing has two metal sheets supported by a spring and a small release lever next to it. So, we had the lever stay outside the cake. My dad was standing in front of the cake and my brother pulled the lever. Nothing happened. He tried it again but it didn't work. The only thing to do was use our hands. So, we had a cake fight. We threw it on each other rather than eat like normal people. By the end, all we had were messy faces and a messy floor.

My Brother's invention was a boo. We were at my neighbor's house in the evening for his Birthday party. We spoke to Mrs. Neighbor about adding the TCAYF-inator in their Chocolate Cake. She didn't think it was the right thing to do.
I finally wished Mr. Neighbor, "Happy Birthday".
"Thank you. Well... Enjoy the party!"
"Here's a present from us. I am sure they'll fit. Wear these."
, my brother had a "Please" expression.
We got a stare from him. He tried them on and said, "These are great. Thanks a bunch."

The Birthday boys were having a chat. We again spoke to Mrs. Neighbor about adding the TCAYF-inator. "That's not happening. There are Old people here, guys. What if they panic on seeing a flying cake?"
"Alright. How about a cake fight?"
"Well... I am sure nobody will panic when they are busy throwing stuff at each other..."

It was the Cut the cake part. Everything was ready. Mr. Neighbor found us suspicious standing just across him. He cut the cake and everyone sang the Birthday song. I helped two old women with the lines. I started the cake fight by applying chocolate on Mr. Neighbor's face. My Brother and Dad were next. Within a few seconds, everyone were throwing cake bits like crazy. In a minute, there was no more cake left. Most of it was on the floor and on people's faces. The fight was over. Everyone were laughing except for Mr. Neighbor. He was staring at me and then at his shoes. The white sneakers were now brown. I got another spot on his list...

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  1. I am shocked that people would allow perfectly good cake to be wasted! I hope the frosting was saved. :)

  2. Aw it just seems whatever you do you can't win. Well every one else had a ball. After all you were encouraged by another grown up to initiate the food fight.

  3. My sister had the name of the wrong brother on the birthday cake and, like you, I thought of fixing the problem buy trying to carefully remove the name. We smeared the icing and the cake just looked messed up. My brother couldn't make out what to say when he saw the cake.

    Good for you guys for initiating a cake fight. Feel sorry for Mr. Neighbor though :(

  4. hehe aww those poor cakes. What a waste!! :o)

  5. hehhe..cake fights are fun...only the after effects are horrible.
    The kind of scrubbing you need to do to take off that sticky stuff on the floor is way too much hard work :)

    You should have told the neighbour...see now you have 2 gifts... A pair of white shoes and now they are brown..

  6. Two cake fights in one day! I'm glad I didn't have to clean up that mess. Mom and Dad get a card but the neighbor gets new shoes, something sounds odd in this.....

  7. Can't win 'em all! So much for the shoes...

  8. somehow, I KNEW those sneakers were gonna be brown!. lol.. were u able to get any of that RED on them?

  9. ha. i need to come to one of your parties...

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to Your Dear Dad...
    fun party,
    love the candle and cake...

  11. your family is too much fun! someone would have stepped on the white sneakers soon enough anyway, so it's all good.

  12. Your family is just too funny! Growing up must have been a blast!

  13. White sneakers just beg to get dirty! You did Mr. Neighbor a good turn - lol!

  14. I have never been in a cake fight, but it sounds like everyone enjoyed it except for the birthday man.;)

  15. How many days of pocket money to spend on those things?

  16. I was waiting for "TCAYF-inator" to get working :(
    Time to come up with my own version of it and get on the lists of all the people who are on my list!! ;)

  17. That sounds like a fun party to me. And Mr. neighbor should have gotten the hell out of there during the cake fight if he didn't want the mess on his shoes. For being so slow in the head, Mr. Neighbor not only deserved cake on his shoes but a big boot up his butt. I don't care how many times he put your name on that list. Take care.

  18. You're steadily digging yourself a hole with this guy. :)

    That cake sounds good -- too bad y'all wasted it!!

    Have a great weekend.

  19. So funny. I want to hear more about Mr. Neighbor.

  20. Wasting birthday cake is a crime.

  21. Happy birthday to your Dad. Sorry you couldn't buy Mr. Neighbour over with the sneakers.

  22. You (writing style) remind me of this very famous writer.

    Won't tell you who it is, Mr Cake fighter!

  23. Sounds like a fun party... you know, I have never experienced a food fight! I really must add that to my list of things to do ... Hmmm... 'Trifle' would be a good food source I'm thinking... (custard, cake, cream, jelly, lollies) yep..gonna do that!
    Love your stories Mr Stupid!
    Oh yeh..happy birthday to your dad & neighbour with the nice new brown shoes... tee!hee!hee!

  24. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have yours. Very Fun.
    I am now a follower.
    God Bless, Bob

  25. I'm getting the impression that you grew up in a circus.

  26. I am quite surprised that brother was an accomplice.
    Your neighbor, I wonder when can he finally appreciate all your efforts. LOL!

    Have a good day Mr. S!

  27. Ha! You helped a lady with the lines of the birthday song. Funny. :)

  28. Happy Saturday! Beware of flying food.

  29. Sounds like quite the party, lots of fun and a food fight :D

  30. cake fight sounds like just the thing! the mini cake fight at the wedding reception just can't hold a 'candle' to your fight! har!

  31. Should have gone with the brown sneakers! Oh Well!

  32. mr. stupid, it might be best if you just locked yourself in your room any time there is a birthday...or a mom/dads day...easter...valentines...flag day...whatever-it just seems logical that everyone involved would fare better. oh yeah, take your brother with you ;)

  33. Oh I bet that was so much fun. I wish I was there to throw cake on everyone too. You must really be used to Mr. Neighbor stares by now. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! :o) TAKE CARE!


  34. LOL... your stories never disapoint!!! Love it!!! lol

  35. It's really the card store's fault for putting the mother and father cards so close together. And the signs should be bigger.

    I think I'll keep my birthday a secret. It's better so you don't have to go through too much trouble.

  36. Oh, no,you di--in't!

    NOT to cake!

    Happy Birthday to all!

  37. Remind me to wear an asbestos suit if you ever come to visit on my birthday... :P

  38. Poor birthday cake.

    And what did those shoes ever do to you?

    LOL, j/k. Awesome.

  39. LOSNL!!! Too funny!!! I figured Mr. Neighbor wudn't like the cake fight result!!! In my family, EATING the cake is a I know that there's other traditions involving cake!!! LOSNL!!!

  40. I can not remember cake fights, but do remember jelly throwing @ a friends daughters party that was fun but we could not get any to stick to the ceiling but certainly some on the wall but mostly on the people & good excuse to lick off the girls & even some jelly!!

  41. Oh My Word! You are quite the character! Please do not bring any of your brother's inventions to any of my birthday parties! :)