Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Harry Potato and the Worthless stone - IV

To read Part - III, click here.

Everyone followed some guy who claimed to be the prefect. "Corridors, keep up. This way."
"Where are we going?"
, Harry asked.
"To a small Corridor. That's where you guys will stay."
"Hey. I thought Corridor was the name of our house..."
"How do you think it got its name?"

They walked through a hallway and then stopped. "This is the most direct path to your house. Keep an eye on the staircases. They like to dance."
"Dance? That's weird. Hey those are Birdieclaw. Where are they staying?"
"On top a tree. Bird... Nest... Get it?"
"Not even a bit..."

The kids were at a passage soon. There was a huge door with the painting of a guy on it. He was wearing a sky mask and a huge hat. "Password?", the man asked.
"We don't have a Password."
, the prefect replied.
"Nope. You didn't stress on the don't properly."
"We dooon't have a Password. How's that?"
"Good. You may enter."

The huge door opened. Everyone were expecting a better corridor looking at its door. But it was a tiny and a narrow room.
"This is the Corridor Common Room or in other words the Corridor Corridor. HA HA. Get it? Corridor Corridor."

Nobody laughed. Pong asked, "Was that a joke?"
"Yeah... Anyway, Boy's dormitory straight ahead. And Girl's dormitory the same on this side. You will find that all your belongings have been placed next to your beds."

The next day Harry and his friends were seated in the Potions class. A man in a black cloak tried opening the door using a spell. After ten tries, he knocked. One of the students opened the door for him.
"I am Professor Severus Escape. There will be no silly wand waving..."
"Sir, why is your name Escape?"
, Pong asked.
"Don't make me forget my lines. It took me a day to rehearse them. Ask me anything later. Oh yeah let me continue... no silly wand waving in my class. As such, I don't expect all of you to appreciate the science of Potion making. I can teach you how to... wait a minute"

He took out a piece of paper and read, "I can teach you how to make potions and have glory and even stop death. Though, one guy is here forgetting his task..."
Harry was doodling in his book and not paying attention.

Professor Escape walked to Harry's desk and coughed. "It took me a day to practice those lines. Looks like you have enough abilities to not pay attention in my class."
"Well, I drew a Bunny. Here..."
, Harry handed out his book.
"It looks more like your head to me! So, Mr. Potato. Our new celebrity. The boy who forgot to save the potatoes. Since you weren't paying attention, I will ask you a few questions."
"Okey Dokey."
"Don't Okey Dokey me. Just answer. What would I get if I added Cereal to a bowl of milk?"
"I don't know sir."
, Harry replied. Hermione was lifting her hand.
"You don't know? Well, lets try again. What's the difference between a Werewolf and a Werewolf costume?"
"I don't know sir..."
"Me. Pick me..."
, Hermione jumped.
"Pity. Clearly fame isn't everything. Is it, Mr. Potato?"

After a boring Potions Class, Harry and his friends decided to go to the Great Hall. All of a sudden, there were owls. "Mail time...", Pong sounded exited.
The owls dropped stuff. Neville Shortbottom got a Forgetbrall. "I've read about it. It makes you forget things even if you managed to remember them...", Hermione said.
"Not very useful, is it?"
, Neville laughed.

Harry got a Newspaper. "Somebody broke into the bank at Lepregots. Look here. It says - Believed to be the work of Dark wizards, the Leprepongs at the bank insist that nothing was taken. The vault in question 7 from the Happy Meal Toys department had been emptied the very same day. That's odd. That's the vault Horrid and I went to. That was the vault with the Worthless Stone..."
"Worthless Stone? The name itself suggests its worthless. What can the dark wizards do with that?"
"Don't ask me. Anyway, what were the answers to Professor Escape's questions?"
"The first one was you would get Breakfast. And the second had the word costume."
, Hermione answered.
"Now why didn't I think of those?"
"You're a real potato, remember?"
    (to be continued)


  1. potato should get the forgetbrall and not shortbottom hahahaha...(am i making sense?)

    ~ash's mum

  2. Love it! Keep writing don't STOP now.


  3. I want more Mr S. Brilliant stuff :)

  4. Keep it going I love reading this.

    Take care.

  5. Worthless stone, I have a few of those myself. Always a joy to read about the escapades of Mr Potato.;)
    Have a great Thursday,

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    I am loving your story...

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  11. The dancing staircase... love the way it sounds and can only imagine what you could write about it! Poor potato getting a bit of a bad rap here!

  12. "A man in a black cloak tried opening the door using a spell. After ten tries, he knocked. One of the students opened the door for him.' - I burst out laughing at these lines, Mr. Stupid!

    I'm sorry, but Harry Potato seriously cracks me up! Can't wait to see what's up with the theft of the Worthless Stone.

  13. LOSNL!!! Funny story!! Did u make this yourself?! Excellent writing!!! That was good!! :-)

  14. Hey Mr S thsanks for going over to EX Files. I hate to break it to you but that wasn't fiction, thst was very, very real, Wish it had been story-land, but you live, learn and hopefully move on

  15. I can't wait until the movie comes out!! LOL

  16. LOL! "okey dokey"? Gosh I haven't heard this phrase for such a long time! Potter is not an attentive wizard is he? This is such a good parody for the real Potter.

  17. This is great!
    Much better than the original...

  18. Professor is fast becoming my favourite character in this hilarious parody. I can't wait to see what more you do with him, MS. :)

  19. Oh drat... I forgot to type Escape after Professor! Now if only there were some way to escape my buffoonery!

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  25. Glad I was fried out of my mind while reading this. It helped me to understand this enticing tale. Keep up the grand work.

    BTW, I don't trust those Leprepongs. They put super glue on my hands and placed my hands on my magic wand while I was asleep. Now when I go out in public, everyone thinks I'm playing with my magic wand. :-)

    That password thing was tricky. I don't know how Harry Potato gets himself into and out of these messes. Good thing he has such caring friends.

    Toodles to you, sir.

  26. "'re a real potato, remember!" that's funny.
    I love this dialog; You're so talented, my friend. Your stories are always interesting.
    I can't understand why we are not following each other. Or we are.
    Hope you're having a great Friday! ;)

  27. "well I drew a bunny..." haha

    You know you're hating on my FAVORITE books, right????

    But it's funny.
    Carry on.

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