Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'll be away

I'll be away from here and all your Blogs until Sunday. At first, I had to go to Mars with Agent Don't know his name for a Secret Mission. But then, my mom forced me to go see my Aunt. Their house is nothing less than Mars. Though, there are no green people around and there's lots of air to breathe.

It is the same house where years back, I and my brother tried making things look like a Burglary. We have got stares ever since. As my brother won't be here to share a few, I will get all the stares and looks.

Things to take #1 - Double Eye patch

They should protect my eyes.

Since, she's been angry with us for a long time, my mom wants me take a box of chocolates. I just hope it reaches her
Things to take #2 - Box of Chocolates without opening them.

I guess having just one chocolate from the box would be okay.

What makes her house more like Mars is no TV. She doesn't have a Television at home. Oh my God. That's the most horrible thing to happen. What makes matters worse is no Computer. With no Computer comes no Internet.
According to her, "These things are just distractions. They are never entering my house..."
I just hope I can survive until Sunday and not do anything wrong.
Have a great weekend...


  1. I am sure your brain will think of some fun ideas to keep your busy over the weekend!
    Have a great weekend

  2. Don't forget your tinfoil hat! :D
    Good luck!
    Just one piece of advise. Don't touch the chocolate. She could could make things worse for you than just no TV or internet.

  3. OH MY GOD! You will have something to say when you get back I know for sure. Be nice and please don't even touch those chocolates. You don't want to get anymore stares than you get now. I do feel sorry for you though NO TV and NO COMPUTER! WOW! :o(


  4. now i know why your eyes aren't the same size.
    lol :D)

  5. Is she living in the mountain? NO Tv? NO Internet?

    That must be awful!

    Enjoy your vacation, afterall, there's still life even luxuries are not around. Our forefathers lived a longer life without them and you will surely do.

    Those chocolates, don't be tempted to steal even a single bar! :P

  6. This is your mission should you choose to accept
    (Remember it's only temporary.) You can do this. Just don't do anything to provoke you Aunt or cause her to stare in your direction even more. And under no circumstances are you to even think about the chocolate - mission impossible maybe, but remember Mr Stupid, should you attempt to even touch a crumb of the chocolate will self destruct in five seconds. So best leave them intact for your Aunt

  7. You'll be missed, look forward for your return.

    Have fun.


  8. Take care agent.. You call fire a distress signal on my blog if necessary, and I'll come with the mothership to save you..

    All the best. The galaxy is proud of you. May the force be with you always!

    *fade away star wars theme*

  9. Have a nice stay at your aunts.;) Hope you can make it without a TV, but then again your imagination will compensate greatly I am sure.;)))

  10. No TV? OMG that is cruel....better to actually go to Mars then..

    Enjoy your stay and am waiting for your posts filled with all the mischief you are planning to do at your Aunt's place.

    Have a great weekend :)

  11. Hehehehe, you sound like my sons. They hate going to their grandparents house because they won't let them turn on the tv. They see it as cruel and unusual punishment.
    It's like what in the world did we do before tv and computers???

  12. Hi Mr Stupid. I'm sure you'll have some great stories to tell from your visit ;)

    Have as good a trip to Mars as is possible!

    Bearfriend xx

  13. I recommend just staying perfectly still inside a closet. That way, NOTHING can happen!

    Unless someone opens said closet and wonders what the smurf you're doing in there... :P

  14. Hope you have a wonderful TV-and-internet-free weekend, it should be a pleasant break. I eagerly await your return :D

  15. Have a good time, or try and I can't wait to hear about it. :)

  16. Yeah, you'd better stay out of trouble, ok, but have fun!

  17. Listen to me. That box of chocolate is dangerous! Stay away from sugar. Or you will be bouncing off the walls, for sure!

  18. Hope the Secret Mission goes well, Mr. Stupid. And if your Aunt asks if you ate the chocolate that will be missing from the box just tell her, "Life is like a box of chocolates and I just had to live a little."

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  19. The thing to do is carry two boxes of chocolates and polishing off one before you get there.

  20. Sounds like you are entering some kind of nightmare - In fact, by now you must be slap in the middle of it!! Hope you are behavin'!

  21. Have a great Martian weekend!! :)

  22. i sure hope you took some very nice chocolates because it's going to take more than tootsie rolls to soften this ol' gal up! i must admit, she has a pretty good reason to be upset but c'mon, how long is too long to carry a grudge??
    hope you make it through the longest weekend of your life...hey, maybe you'll do something crazy a book? yeah, they still make them ;) can't wait to hear about all your adventures on mars!

  23. So sorry, Mr. S. The worst part is carrying a box of chocolates without eating any, or with just eating one. That's something I could never ever do. I'm looking forward to hearing about it.

  24. You sounds like my sons, they can't live without t.v or p.c. Guess these are essential or should I say extremely important to youngster now-a-days. Have a nice torturous weekend. Ha ha ha

  25. No TV and no internet?

    Tough road; you might have to resort to reading books :)

    Cute post!

  26. i also know about the double eye patch. it is an old trick of mine, or rather more of a blank stare. i have perfected this among many who are not pleased with my presence........ i just used the technique yesterday. i hope you are now recovered and all from your trip!!

  27. I'm really surprised you're allowed back after the burglary episode.