Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Show And Tell : The Beginning

Show And Tell. Worst thing ever made in Second Grade. It was there every week. We were asked to bring something from home and talk about it.
I was bad at talking. I was worse at selecting things.

I got a few photographs for my first Show and Tell.
Mrs. Yells at me sounded exited.
"Yeah. Coming..."
"You? Alright... So what do you have for show and tell today?"
she wasn't exited now.
"Proof. Proof that Aliens exist."
"Whatever. Let's make this quick."

I was sure this was going to turn bad. I started anyway.
"UFO's are they real? Have they been to Earth? These are the very questions..."
"Just talk about the photographs. Please...?"
Mrs. Yells at me smiled.
"I am getting to that. Have they ever landed in a City or a Town? Are they sneaking around in disguises?"
"The Photographs. Just Show them. And then talk..."
"Okay. But before I can show these, there are a few more questions. Are there Alien Spaceships? And why are they shaped that way? Why do Aliens have green heads?"
"Did you watch an Alien Movie yesterday?"
Bobo my bench mate interrupted.
"Nope. Though, I did watch one a month back. I can't get its name. Alien Movies are always..."
"Ahem. Back to the Show and Tell."
Mrs. Yells at me said.
"Alright, Alright. So, why do Aliens hunt down Earthlings? What do they see in our Planet to arrive? Are they here..."
"Will you get to the Photographs? Talk about them. Only them. Nothing else..."
"Okay. No need to yell. Do the photographs of an amateur photographer who can't even hold his camera right really show a UFO? Has he encountered these creatures next to his home? Are the results an evidence of his close encounter? Or is this whole photograph thing just a big hoax?"
"That was a beautiful Show and Tell. Thank you..."
"I am not done yet..."

"Yeah. We want more..."
a few kids screamed.
Mrs. Yells at me had tears in her eyes.

"Are these photographs by an amateur photographer enough to prove the existence of Aliens? Or is this just a Hoax?"

"You said that already..."
Miss Big Help shouted.

"I just wanted it to be a bit more dramatic."

"Can I give my Show and Tell next?"
Miss Big Help jumped.
the teacher groaned.
"Hey. I am not done yet..."
I protested.
"Get to it then. I have this for Show and Tell"
Bobo said pointing to a rock.

"Anyway, listen to an Expert talk on Space Aliens, their flying bowls, advanced weaponry and their green heads. All this and more on my Show and Tell, Coming up Next after this short break... Mrs. Yell at me, can I use the bathroom?"
"Yeah. That was a great Show and Tell."
"I am not done. I am yet to talk about Aliens."
"You have more...?"

"I want to show this rock in Show and Tell."
Bobo said.
"Hey. Mrs. Yells at Me asked me to go next"
Miss Big Help protested.
"I haven't showed my evidence yet..."
I interrupted.

"Enough! Will you come here please? And bring the photographs."
her voice echoed.
I handed the evidence to her. She turned all red and screamed, "What hideous creature is that?"

"Alien. I found it in the backyard..."
"Why is it holding a Vacuum Cleaner then?"
"That should be its advanced weaponry..."

My Mom was called. Everyone were at the Principal's Chamber. Mr. Principal stared at me and looked at the photographs. He handed it to my Mom. She looked closely and giggled. The hideous thing in the picture was me with ketchup all over my face.
"So, the photographs happened to be a Hoax..."
I said.

My Mom laughed.
Mrs. Yells at me laughed not knowing why. Mr. Principal though stared at everybody this time...

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  1. your mom got called a lot when you were in grade school didn't she? you also knew the principal pretty well - lol. well at least it was an interesting show and tell while it lasted...

  2. ha. "I was bad at at talking and worse at selecting things..." Cute. :)

  3. LOL, LOL, ROFL... (picks self up of the floor)
    They say that your school days are the best days of your life! I often wonder if they whoever they are ever went to school. We had the equivalent in the UK it was called Bring and Tell, I remember bringing a box of matches to school I wanted to talk about John Walker the chemist who first came up with the idea for a match. They were taken off me and pronounced dangerous and I was told off! So I didn't like Bring and Tell either. Great post - as ever, happy Tuesday:)

  4. I hated talking in front of the class, partly because I never listened to what was being said in the first place.

    Have a good day.


  5. Another day in the principal office...I think you are a fixture in that office. The principal should have a plaque that reads "Most Visited" to give to you.

  6. You really have that talent to make everyone smile, smirk or rather laugh out loud...lols.

  7. very innovative...covering yourself in ketchup...hehhe

    We did not have 'Show and Tell' when I was younger..so did not have a chance to be so creative like you :P

  8. Started my day with a laugh. :-) Thanks for another great story!

  9. You have quite the imagination. I wish I had class with you when I was a kid.

  10. Never had show and tell as a student :o(
    But one year a kindergartener brought his grandfather's cigars for show and tell. Teacher had to confiscate them and call the grandfather who didn't see anything wrong with sharing a good smoke.

  11. LOL! You were such a trouble maker.

  12. That was then what is it now? Curious to know about a day in the life of Mr S as ab adult.
    Your blog is good for the soul!

  13. ROFLMAO!!! Dude!! This was GOOD!! You and I seem to have had a similar time in school! lol, I remember doing silly stuff in military boarding school... but man, you were GOD! LOL

    Keep writing! I even think you can write a book on your school experiences... I'll buy one copy for sure!

  14. lol - good one! esp the "proof"! ;)

    ~ash's mum

  15. You were a clever kid. It's a shame you got into so much trouble for it. Show and Tell would never be the same after that one.

  16. Did your teachers ever get together for a therapy group?

  17. LOL! Why couldn't you be in my second grade class for Show and Tell? It would have been so much more fun than looking at rocks!

  18. Hahahahaha! How many teachers really hated Show and Tell because they never knew what was coming?

  19. I'll bet Mrs. Yells was happy to pass you to the next grade.

  20. lol. i remember show and tell...and one kids bringing their parents toys...oh my.

  21. Show and Tell was never my forte. I got yelled at, too!!!

    Very cool that you tried to do a UFO/alien hoax on your 2nd grade teacher :)

  22. I used to watch my nephew cover himself in spaghetti sauce, so I can imagine what you looked like.

  23. Love this post!. How awesome you are. And awww you pulled on some good memories of mine.
    There's an award for you, with no rules! LOL!Pls come to get it!

  24. Very clever..."so it was a hoax..." hahahaha! LOVE IT!

  25. This is hilarious! It has to be one of my favourite posts of yours, partly because Show And Tell was just as wildly chaotic in my little school :) This line really made me laugh, "All this and more on my Show and Tell, Coming up Next after this short break..." Brilliant, love it :D

  26. I am so glad your mom was graced with a sense of humor! You were a unique and interesting child!

  27. Ha! You have a patient momma don't ya?

  28. I wonder if your kids will have your creativity and imagination. I wonder if they will also be in the principal office as much as you too. Time will tell. Take Care! :o)


  29. Outdoor.mom: Yup she was. It was always a Parent Teacher Meeting... hehe
    I and Mr. Principal were good friends!:)

    FabuLeslie: I really was bad at selecting things. Smiles...

    Gwei Mui: I am sure that somebody never went to school. Bring and Tell? That makes sense. I wish they had called it "Bring, Show and then Tell"

    Yvonne: Always the hard part. Looking at everybody and then speaking!

    RoseBelle: He should have given that to me. My Mom would have got one too... LOL

    Amity: Thank you. Glad you liked it. Toodles.

    Lazy Pineapple: Too bad. Even though, Show and Tell was bad, I at least got to visit my best friend (Mr. Principal) every time...:)

    Succot: Glad you liked it. Have a good day.

    Powdered Toast Man: I will get to inventing my Time Machine. That way, we can be at a class!:)

    Mamma: Sharing a good smoke? LOL Glad I never got one of those for Show and Tell...:)

    Short Poems: Thank you. Have a good day.

    Tracie: Everyone said that. Except for a few people. That's a secret!

    YogaSavy: Let's say just about the same... LOL That's quite complicated.

    Enduring Spirit: Wow. You had a bad time in School too? Would love to know the stuff you did.
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Blueviolet: HA! Toodles.

    Ash's mum: The Proof happened to be a real bad one!:)

    Robyn: It never was same. Though, worse things happened with the other Show and Tells.

    Bossy Betty: Maybe, they did. I guess that's when they discussed to stare at me... hehe

    TALON: At least, I wouldn't have had trips to the Principal's chamber. They showed rocks there too?

    Kelly: Looks like everyone hated Show and Tell. Though, they were forced into doing it...:)

    Vicki: Yup. I am sure she was. She seemed very exited!

    Brian: Oops. I am just glad nothing like that happened in our class... LOL

    MBW: The hoax wasn't planned. Though, the ketchup was!

    Alex: It looks like you just got washed by a volcano... LOL
    Never tried Spaghetti Sauce though.

    Betty: Glad you liked it. And thanks for the Award...:)

    Melinda: Glad you liked it. Have a good day.

    Kristina: My Mom said that often. So did my neighbor but with stares.

    Sam Liu: Glad you liked it. Actually, that line was not planned. It just popped and I had to use the bathroom... LOL

    Beth: Yup. She does have a lot of it. The laughing stopped when she got the stares from Mr. Principal though...:)

    MiMi: In most cases.... LOL

    Gina: I just hope they don't. I will get to visit Mr. Principal again that way... LOL
    Have a good day.

  30. Yes, I was in a military boarding school, and we had a ton of adventures.. Though.. I started at 6th grade onwards.. You my friend, were a veteran in grade 2. That's why in my previous comment.. I said.. You're God! Lol..

    Love n light my friend. :)

  31. LOL!!!!!!!!! When i saw the post title I said..UhOH...I knew it was going to be a great post...

  32. I always hated talking in front of the class. I still hate public speaking as an adult. Your teacher sounded a bit meanish.

  33. This is really pretty cool I think. I want to see the picture of you with ketchup all over your face.
    That teacher was pretty grouchy. At least she laughed in the principal's office. I'll give her a brownie point for that.

  34. Hi Mr Stupid. Bet your mother does think you're from outer space sometimes :)

    Bearfriend xx

  35. I feel sorry for your mom. It sounds like she had to be called, on your behalf, to the principal's office every day. Baaaaad Boy!

    So you had hoaxy pictures of you as an alien, covered in ketchup and holding advance weaponry (vacuum cleaner). I bet that did disrupt the classroom. You should post those pics on one of those UFO websites and view the comments later. That would be funny.

    Take care.

  36. I must say your range of vocabulary and conversation is extraordinary for a 2nd grader here! ;)

  37. Alien ketchup creatures are especially harmful to the tomato crops.

  38. Wow, considering your rather confused childhood, you've turned out to be quite well-adjusted really! But not too well-adjusted to be boring! Thanks for the laughs, MS! :P

  39. Mrs. Yell is without.
    And the principal, too.