Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Show And Tell : The Front Yardosaurus

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Show and Tell got worse every time. Mrs Yells at me had sent me to the first bench for some reason.

"Alright, time for Show and Tell. Who would like to go first?"
Mrs. Yells at me sounded excited.
I lifted my hand. She ignored it and searched for others. Finally, she called out "Yes, Miss Big Help. You can give..."

"Wait a minute, I was lifting too."
I interrupted.
"I'm sorry. I never noticed your hand."

"In that case, pick again."

Miss Big Help was angry. She gave me a scary look and returned to her seat.

"Who would like to go first?"
Mrs. Yells at me sounded sad.

I lifted my hand again. Nobody volunteered this time. "Anyone at all, besides the guy in the first bench?"

I protested.

"Okay. Just make it quick this time. No hoax photographs and no Alien talk."


I had a sheet in one hand and proof in the other. I began, hoping this would turn out in a good way.

"Today, for Show and Tell, I have brought ten amazing and rare fossilized bone pieces of a dinosaur. It took me..."

"Can I have a look at the fossilized bone pieces?"
Mrs. Yells at me sounded curious.

"Sure. Everyone can have a look. You'll have to wait though. Anyway, it took me three hours of digging to find them buried in my front yard. I immediately recognized them as pieces from the Jawbone, Tailbone and Feet."

"Very Good. Can you show me the bone pieces now?"

I handed them out.

She looked at the bone pieces for a second and then stared at me "This is just ordinary Driveway Gravel."
"They look like ordinary Driveway Gravel to the untutored ignorant eyes. But they aren't. Anyway, here's more proof. In this paper, I have re-created the Front Yardosaurus as it would have appeared
160 million years ago. This drawing here shows how big it was compared to the other dinosaurs." I showed the paper to everyone. Mrs. Yells at me stared at it through her glasses.
"Front Yardosaurus?"
Miss Big Help yelled. "I have never heard of any such dinosaur."
"That's because nobody knew it existed. Since, I found his remains in my Front Yard, that's the name I gave him. I will be publishing my full findings into a book. The book will bring me fame and fortune..."
"Can I please give my Show and Tell now?"
Miss Big Help asked.
Mrs. Yells at me was still looking at my drawing. She was in a shock and didn't say a thing.
"That's a NO! Now, let me get back to my Show and Tell."
I said. Miss Big Help gave me the scary look again.
"The book will bring me fame and fortune and let me build another Jurassic Park..."
"You mean a park with dinosaurs like in the movie?"
Bobo sounded excited.
"Exactly. It will be built in this very place by demolishing this lousy school. That way, they won't be able to torture any more young minds. Now, when that happens, everyone who were mean to me or yelled at me can be darn sure that they will have a miserable life. I will crush your tiny dreams like bugs and then throw you all in the Garbage Can. The ones left will be forced to work in the Jurassic Park for the rest of their lives. Your work at the park will mostly include bathing the dinosaurs and serving them food."
"Ahem. Thank you for that Show and Tell..."
Mrs. Yells at me said.
I continued "Though, there is an alternative! You can send me chocolates and be my pal. That way, you'll stay out of the Jurassic Park and get to take a pet dinosaur home."
I was done with my Show and Tell. Everyone were shocked. Mrs. Yells at me had a weird expression.

The next moment, I was in a room. A bald guy was staring at me. It was Mr. Principal and I was at his Chamber. Next to me was my Mom and on the other side was Mrs. Yells at me. On the desk were both the Driveway gravel and the Drawing. I was asked to repeat my Show and Tell. Once I was done, my mom and Mr. Principal were stunned. It took them a while to recover. My Mom giggled repeating "Front Yardosaurus". Though, Mr. Principal and Mrs. Yells at me continued staring...

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I was interviewed by Tess, here. Drop by her blog sometime.


  1. Looks like your fame and fortune will come with this blog. Brillant show and tell

  2. Your Jurassic Park full of dinosaurs will be like a chicken farm. Babies will be hatched in 21 days & a souvenir egg for every visitor ;p)

  3. Utter brilliance...
    that was great!

  4. Wonderful write you genius,

    Take care.

  5. You should have been give an A+ for inventiveness and applied crerativity - sadly I suspect that, that was not the case. Great post Mr S, agan you help me start the day with a huge grin on my face :)

  6. such a creatively funny show-and-tell post! i want more! :)

    ~ash's mum

  7. hehhe..you're mom seems to be such a good sport :)

    front yardosaurus hilarious..

  8. Definitely like Calvin of CALVIN AND HOBBES. Though he used to turn into a dinosaur...

  9. Lol, too funny.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  10. lol. i think i used to collect pieces of front yardisaurus...

  11. You so would have been one of my favorite students in school. I love how your mind works!

  12. have you ever read Calvin and Hobbs because this reminds me just a little of him - lol. He would totally do that :-) We have the entire collection because we like his imagination!! Keep writing - its great to share your thoughts with the world.

  13. I love these, lol! I got a good chuckle at 'in that case, pick again'....LOL!

  14. I don't think I would've been able to hold back a laugh if I were your teacher.

  15. Loved it! I wish you would have been in my classes back in the Show and Tell days. And the more I read your stories, the more I love your Mom.

    Just to be on the safe side, I'm sending you a box of chocolates (all soft centres) ASAP! :)

  16. No hoax photographs or alien talk? Joy KIller!!! Very funny!

  17. Untutored and ignorant! LOL I bet that went over real well.

  18. You truly were the most hilarious little kid! I would have loved to have listened to your wonderful Show and Tells, and "Front Yardosaurus" - that had me laughing out loud :D A touch of comedic genius indeed :)

  19. They just didn't appreciate your creativity.

  20. My kids came in breathlessly reporting having found the remains of a murdered child. When I went to look it was clearly the bones of a calf.

  21. Cool mom. I would have applauded you for using your brain like that.

  22. It's a good thing your mom has a sense of humor!

  23. i like your blog. =) please check out mine and follow if you wish:


  24. It's a shame they didn't recognize your vivid imagination and put you in the gifted class. I bet you spent a lot of time with the school psychologist instead. Or maybe Montessori would've been for you since it's student-driven and the teacher is considered a facilitator. Clearly you were under-challenged.

  25. LOL!! I can imagine you raising your hand and the teacher acting like she didn't see you. You should have stood up and waved just to get on her nerves more. Just kidding. I agree with Theresa Milstein's comment. Some kids just have a bit of a wild imagination that require...hmmm...people to accept their creativity.

  26. LOL!! I would have peed myself from laughing if I was your teacher..lol

  27. I really appreciate your creativity so screw the teacher and the principal. ha! ha! My daughter has a bucket with some gravel rocks I wonder if we have some Yardisaurus in our yard too. Have A Great 4th of July!!! :o)


  28. what cool humor...
    lovely show and tell!

  29. heehee

    I think, perhaps, you and your name don't quite match...