Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from Moon

I am back from the Space Mission. It went really bad and the Green People from "Planet of Green people" weren't impressed.

We all arrived at the moon, my Grandparents house the other day. My brother didn't think it was wise to have me around. But, every trip needed me. So, I decided to join them.

We were at their house early in the morning. The Moon is a great place. Though, it does have lots of things that happen to be fragile. I found a tiny glass fish. Next to it was a glass ship. I picked them and held them high up. The next moment, they gained Superpowers and transformed into Super Fish and Super Ship.

I was now playing a decent Superhero game. It included flying and fighting with sounds. Super Fish and Super Ship charged towards each other and lost their Superpowers. They slipped from my hands and fell on a Coffee Table. Super Fish and Super Ship were now in a huge mess of shattered glass. What made the situation worse was a crack on the Coffee table. Who buys a Coffee table with a glass top?

Staying in the Moon was no longer safe. So, I wrote a secret note and placed it next to the mess. I was in the open and found a man sitting in his backyard. I walked to him "Hello!"
"Hi, how can I help you?"
he smiled.
"I am your neighbor's grandson."
his smile turned into a stare. "So, you were the one who pushed the Wedding Cake at her daughter's wedding."
"Yes. Actually, my brother was a part too. We were pushing the Wedding Cake around and..."
"And you pushed it into a Swimming Pool."
"How didn't you notice a huge pool?"
"We never knew it had water. Anyway, I am going to the Park. Would you like to join me?"
"Well, okay."

We walked to the Park. Mr. Old Man looked at me and asked "What were you expecting in a Swimming Pool other than water?"
"Lots of things. But, we were testing if the cake would hold its shape on falling inside."

He wasn't happy with that answer.

We were at the Park and walked around for a few minutes. I suggested we sit on the grass. He looked around and sat down. We were speaking about the Swimming pool incident when I noticed a huge sign that read - "Do not walk on the Grass". The sign never mentioned sitting. So, I ignored it.
Mr. Old man saw the sign and said "I think we should leave. The sign says not to sit on the grass."
"No it doesn't. It says not to walk on the grass. Sitting is not mentioned."

I could remember everything that had happened four years ago - the reason why the
Old People's Safety Department had begun. I had done a similar mistake then and Old People everywhere hated me.
The next moment, water started to splash on our faces. It wasn't raining. I looked closely and found a couple of sprinklers turning on. I got up and ran.
Mr. Old man wasn't quick enough and got caught between a couple of sprinklers. He got out finally but was drenched and angry.
"I guess you're not supposed to sit either."
Mr. Old man stared at me.

I got stares all the way until we reached his home. He was still dripping. I returned home and found my grandmother waiting. My parents were next to her and my brother was standing behind. They were all angry.
"I had nothing to do with this mess. I even left a note to prove my innocence."
"You mean this?"
My brother held it out. He read out the secret note "I had nothing to do with Super Fish and Super Ship. Even the cracked Coffee Table!"
Maybe, the note wasn't very convincing. The door behind me flung open. There were four people and none of them were happy. Among the four was Mr. Old Man. He spoke to my grandmother for sometime. Everyone stared at me and this time, I couldn't leave Moon. Only if Super Fish and Super Ship had the power to regenerate.

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  1. I think that you were secretly the inspiration for Dennis the Menace!

  2. mr old man believed you that it's OK to sit on the grass...no way!!! really?? :p

  3. Ah so you're the infamous man on the moon? wonder who it was....lol

    Great Post really enjoyed the read.


  4. Oh, Mr.S., sorry the mission was troublesome for you. But what would your blog following do without such tales? We'd be completely lost in space without you. You are quite the lovable menace.

  5. You know, you have a definitive future in writing short stories, I am laughing my head off here and it still early morning for me.;)) (Sorry did not mean to laugh at your pain;)
    Sorry about the moon mission gone awry.;) But glad you are back!;)

    PS: I have a glass top coffee table, hehe.;)

  6. Great trip! I've always wondered what life was like on the moon besides the random craters sprawled everywhere and stuff. Well, I also updated my blog to something that was sci-fi. What a coinidence!!!

  7. OH Mr S how do you manage to get yourself into these situations it's painful and faunny at the same time!

  8. Yeah Mr S, you are such a mischievous little chaos maker! =D

    Welcome back and please send the little gift you got for me from way up there ;)

    Peace and have a beautiful day. Leave the old neighbor alone! :p

  9. Yeah, glass coffee table+glass figurines=a mess of epic proportions. Guess you know that now.

  10. ha. welcome back from the moon...quite the adventure there...nasty sprinklers getting you in trouble...

  11. Life was dull without your snippets of the funnies! I now know the reason why you do not finish all your books.... You simply love writing your own endings!

  12. I was on the moon around the same time as you were, but must have missed you!

  13. '...were testing if the cake would hold its shape on falling inside.' ~ you should write a book on excuses! As I said on my blog I would love to spend one hour in your head.

  14. hahahhah cute, well i hope you had fun despite the mess.

  15. Glad to have you back on the planet Mr.S after leaving a trail of unintended destruction behind!! :) Old man has new stories to tell to his grandchildren now!! :)

  16. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Super items...that's just too bad...
    Welcome back!!

  17. great story!
    You should cash in on that wild imagination of yours...

  18. Note to self, if Mr Stupid comes to visit me, we need to meet somewhere safe and free of distractions. A nice padded room should do fine.

  19. There used to be an English comedian many years ago who blamed everything on 'My bruvver'! That was probably your grandad!

  20. You're not welcome back on the moon anytime soon, are you?

  21. There should have been a whole batch of freshly made jello that pool. Just sayin'.

    Welcome back from your moon mission!

  22. YOu sound a lot like my son. How quick did they ship you back?

  23. Your reputation precedes you. Wow! How many old people do you piss off in a day? We should have a contest.

  24. Has there ever been a time when you were not in trouble? By the way, I agree with you on glass topped coffee tables. They're just looking to get shattered. Whoever buys them are stupid, Mr. Stupid.

    Funny story, you rascal.

  25. Mr. Stupid. You and that pool belong together.

  26. hehe..pushing the cake in the swimming pool...sounds like fun :)

  27. Hey stupid boy...i love your being *spacious..."who loves going out to space...

    so you sound like a lil boy sharing invented stories, hmmm....like my youngest son, oftentimes...:P

    on your next journey, pls bring my son, but....don't teach him some stupidity...lols...:P

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  29. First, an aunt from Mars. Now, grandparents from Moon. Well, I think your ancestors should be blamed for what you are today. They shouldn't have invaded Earth. You see, you think differently from them. LOL!

    Good day Mr. S!

  30. That's a great adventure from your trip Mr. S.
    I just wonder how many old man who've been annoyed by you...?!
    I think.. next time you can't come back to the moon again.. haha.

    Thanks for the funny post!!

  31. I can see this as a movie! Your imagination makes me jealous...

  32. Welcome back! Have you been banned from the moon?

  33. I'm pretty sure Kristina P above is right....lol.

  34. It's a wonder no one has killed you yet.

  35. welcome back to earth.... i hear there is a space warrant for your immediate arrest.. watch out for ufos, the space feds are coming for you!!

  36. I thought for sure that note would of proved your innocence.

  37. I can't believe they didn't believe your note.

    My boys' grandparents have a glass coffee table. In fact two of them. I'm surprised they haven't been cracked yet.

  38. at least you survived...
    Glad to see you leave the moon and back to earth.


    pick one or two awards from my place if you want,
    enjoy a fun day!

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