Thursday, July 15, 2010

Black and White Talk

Mister Boo is my brother's friend. Even though he has a "Boo" in his name, we get along well. Every time I meet him, we have a stupid conversation.

A month back, he had arrived to meet my brother. In his hand was a large Photo album. I couldn't help notice it. So, I popped over.
"Mister Boo, what's that?"
"This here is my family's treasure."
"Wow. Are you planning to sell it?"

He stared at me and said "No! Treasure in the sense of importance. In this album are all my ancestors."
"Wow. How did they all fit into a small book?"
"Well, they had their pictures taken."
"Oh, and by ancestors, are there monkeys too?"
"Nope. Just my great grandparents and their parents and their relatives. My Dad's uncle, aunt and a few neighbors..."

"Neighbors? Why did you put them in a family photo album?"
"There was lots of room. Back to what's in this book - My mom's relatives. Her aunt's five cats..."
"Ahem. That's a lot of pictures. Anyway, let me have a look."
"Alright. But, the book is very fragile. Make sure you hold it right."
he handed the book to me. All the pictures inside where in Black and White.

"I was thinking,"
Mister Boo looked at me. "How come old photographs are all in Black and White? Didn't they have color film back then?"
Both of us knew the answer. It was a NO. Since, he had started off, I couldn't end it that simple.
I began. "They did have color film. In fact, all these photographs are in color. The world was black and white then."
"Wow. Really?"
"Yes. The world didn't turn color until 1920's. That was when the sun decided it should start sending colorful light rather than shades of gray."
"The Sun did that? Wow. But, why are old paintings in color? If the world was black and white back then, wouldn't the artists paint it that way?"
"Actually, most artists imagined a world filled with color. The Sun told a few others that it would one day send colorful light. The ones left were all crazy."
"But how could they have painted in color anyway? Their paints must have been only shades of gray. The sun sent colorful light only in the 1920's, remember?"
"Exactly. They did have only gray paints back then. But they all changed to color when the Sun sent in the colorful light."
"Didn't you say the Sun convinced some artists to paint in color?"
"I did. But, that was a lie which many artists told. They were just like the other crazy bunch. The ones who imagined the world colorful were all insane."
"Alright. But, if their black and white paintings changed to color, why didn't these photographs change too?"
"That's because, the Sun wanted to leave some evidence of a Black and White world. Presidents from every country agreed too..."

"You guys are crazy,"
there was a voice from behind. It was my brother. He was staring at me "That's the worst explanation for Black and White photography." He turned to Mister Boo and said, "Don't you have books to borrow?"
"I do,"
he took a few books from my brother and walked towards me. "We should get back to our conversation online..."

I didn't go online that day. I was out of any more explanations for how the world changed to color from Black and White

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- I will be at the Moon for an important space mission. So, wait for me until Wednesday. If I'm not back, send in a Space Shuttle to Planet of Green People. Keep roaming in the space until you find a poster which says - "We are the Green People!". The guys in it might have abducted me. I will be away from all your wonderful blogs until I get back. Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Neighbors to fill up the empty spaces in the family albums..... My younger son (many moons ago) wanted to change his last name to that of the neighbors because they had more people living in that house!

  2. Have a great trip, now! Nice story.

  3. Oh, on a mission to get more stuffs to post in the future? Have a nice trip to you.

  4. *snort* Have you been reading Calvin and Hobbes? ;)

    Have a most splendid trip to the Moon! Make sure to scoop up some cheese while you're there!

  5. I'd always wondered why old photos were in black and white.
    Enjoy your moon trip!

  6. You know, I can see Mr. Boo hiding in the background in that album.

  7. I think the aunt could have filled up the photo album with the pictures of the cats ;o)
    Have fun on planet green. I'm sure you'll have some wonderful stories about your trip!

  8. @above: LOL!! that's what came to my mind too!! :) The story reminds me of a movie where the entire world was in black and white and some events lead to colors appearing..I wish I could remember it!!

  9. I bet all the conversations between you and Mister Boo are hilarious and your brother just doesn't get it.

  10. Haha,great explanation for B&W!

  11. Haha, you gotta hand it to him. That sure is creative.

  12. Oh ya, totally diggin' the explanation.
    Makes perfect sense to me!

    Wait, should I admit that? :D

  13. "Oh, and by ancestors, are there monkeys too?"
    -- I nearly lost it reading that!

    Mr. Stupid, you seriously crack me up!

    I love your imagination and, even more, your explanations! :)

  14. Actually, this is the best explanation I have ever heard about black and white photographs;) I would have loved to have heard it as a child, when I asked my mom why we only received black and white pictures on our TV.;)
    Enjoy your space travel.;))

  15. Actually a cute story, something I picture an old man and a 3 year old talking about... cute, good luck on your voyage, and tell the green people to give me my coffee mug back it was my favorite! You can never trust those darn green people!

  16. Actually Mr. stupid was very very genius.. !!
    (but why his name was mr. 'Stupid'...?!)
    when Mr Boo talking about ancestor, Mr. S immediately asking about monkey...everybody must have known about Darwin theory which said that human ancestor was...monkey?! LOL

  17. Can I come to the Moon with you to observe your out-in-space antics? Come back soon, Mr Stupid! :)

  18. You are so silly! But you do have a wonderful imagination!! :O)

  19. My favorite line is: "Presidents from every country agreed too"

  20. this was so much have such a wicked funny way of looking at this life...too bad your brother isn't as cool as you are :) enjoy your trip to the moon! could you bring me back some swiss cheese, please??

  21. Hey Mr. Stupid - I mentioned you in my top 3 favorite blogs in a feature done by me on Mother of Pearl. Check it out!

  22. Cheeseboy said I should stop by to visit Mr. Stupid. LOL So here I're a funny guy! :)

    Cheeseboy was my featured "MAN Supahstah" this week...and mentioned your can check it out below. Following you now too! :)

    Cheeseboy: Our first MAN Supahstah

  23. That is the best explanation of why the world was black and white and why so many still to this very day, think in those terms. Me, not so much any more since I have been following your blog.

    Enjoy the journey, catch you in the re-entry trip back to earth.


  24. See? There's a scientific explanation for everything! Even black and white photography! :P

  25. haha. i love black and white pictures...and that was an amazing monkeys included...have a great trip!

  26. black and white are most amazing images,
    beautiful story.

  27. you are hilarious!
    I learned a thing or two here today. LOL!
    have a nice trip my friend!

  28. I actually work in ICBM Missiles if you need any help in space holler.

    I'm your newest follower.


  29. Happy moon walking!

  30. Here are two awards for you,
    go here for explanation.

  31. "Oh, and by ancestors, are there monkeys too?" LOL. we'll miss you once again. :(

  32. Ha! I used to think the world was in B&W back then, too.

  33. Okay laugh all you want, but I know I can't possibly have been the only kid in the world who really did believe the whole world was in black and white when her grandparents were young.

  34. Haha. I just found your blog through Cheeseboy. That was hilarious!!

  35. Love this one too. It makes me very confused about the black/white versus color thing.
    Are the Green People you'll be with actually green, or black and white?
    Be well, and return safely!

  36. That’s a silly-witty black and white explanation.

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