Monday, July 26, 2010

A Detective Story : Mr. Farmer's Disappearance

Mr. Stupid and Lord Grumpy were detectives. Even though they were rivals, joining forces was a necessity for solving this particular case. Mr. Stupid opened the file. There it was, in red - "Mr. Farmer's peculiar disappearance!"

Mr. Stupid was a Private Eye. At least, it said so on his room's door. This was the same room where he had solved many cases. Like the one about "The Stolen Sneakers Bar from the Chamber of Food" and one on a "Numbers Racket".

Detective Grumpy had his Private Eye on the next street. He held a blank stare all the time. He had entered Mr. Stupid's room for the first time and didn't seem happy.

"I am here only because Dad asked me to."
he looked at Mr. Stupid.

Maybe, Dad was another detective who had handed the case to Detective Grumpy. Mr. Stupid knew that cracking this case would be difficult. He held out a bag which had key evidences.

"What are these?"
Detective Grumpy asked.

"This here will help us crack the case."

"Toys? Can we please do something else?"

Mr. Stupid said. "Remember what Dad said."

he wasn't happy. "Okay what do we play?"

"These toys should help present the chain of events that took place before Mr. Farmer's disappearance. Let's go back to the day when he went missing..."

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Mr. Farmer has just woken up. He picks himself up from his bed and walks towards the kitchen. 20,000 feet above, the engines of flight 150 stop working for no reason. The Pilot forgets to turn it on and is now unaware that the huge white aircraft is losing altitude. Mr. Farmer casually looks out of the kitchen window and stares at the sea. He lights his stove to make some coffee. The Sea behind the Farmer's house is silent until a huge ship arrives. People on the ship are screaming. A few have jumped and the others are trying to find life jackets. The Captain of the cruise liner has just fallen asleep and nobody is able to wake him up...

"That was fun,"
Detective Grumpy stared. "I'll be downstairs."

"You can't leave this case here. We must solve it. We must find how Mr. Farmer disappeared."

"Forget it. I know where this will end up..."

"Remember what Dad said."

Detective Grumpy was angry. Mr. Stupid couldn't avoid his stares. But, he had a case to solve. So, he continued.

The cruise liner is now headed towards the blue house where Mr. Farmer lives. Meanwhile, the driver of a 30-car passenger train looks at the cruise liner. He can't believe his eyes but realizes that the ship will be charging towards the train pretty soon. The Driver makes a hasty decision and pulls a gear. The train is now going faster than before. It jumps the tracks and drags all the cars into the air behind it. As for the Aircraft, it is heading towards the ground. The Pilot tries to get the engine running but in vain. He gives up hope and waits wishing the aircraft survives the impact. The Cruise liner still has a sleeping Captain. The crew have just played a Trumpet next to his ear. But, he won't wake up.

In a freak coincidence, the Aircraft, the Train and the Cruise liner are all converging on one spot, Mr. Farmer's home...

"That's enough. Can't we do something else?"

Mr. Stupid said. "This is an important case and we are almost done solving it."

Mr. Farmer takes his coffee and decides to go get the newspaper. He opens the front door only to find a passenger train charging at him. He turns around and looks up to find a white Aircraft falling at him. The farmer has nowhere to go. He runs towards the shed at the back of his home. He looks up hearing a lot of commotion. A cruise liner is headed towards him and he can't decide where to go. Finally, he runs to his home and hides inside a closet.
There is a KABOOM and then a BIFF. This is followed by a WHAM, a CRASH and two BOOMS. Finally, there is an OUCH and a POW.

This happens to be Reason #7 of the three bazillion ones why my brother never played with me. My Dad always forced him to. Though, after this incident, it was a long time since he dropped by my room.

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  1. Lord Grumpy - lol! I had a Lady Grumpy in my family. :)

    I loved the BIFF - a unique sound for sure.
    I really really felt for Mr. Farmer - it was coming at him from all sides!

  2. Poor Mr Farmer he gets from all sides!

  3. Wow, it is all so very clear and logical as to how Mr. Farmer disappeared. What I don't understand is why your brother stopped playing with you. You are so much fun.

  4. I know of a Lord Grumpy in fact he is a male chauninist pig, trest ladies and others ans though he is perfect,
    Loved the write most enlightening to read.

  5. Haha, now I want to know reason #8, #27 and # 846,394,286,388,902 ;)

  6. so you did find mr. farmer at the end??

  7. Yes where did Mr Frmer go?
    I would have loved to have had a playmate like you Mr S. LOL another fantastic post :)

  8. yeah, i think we would have gotten along wel as kids...i had a big imagination...and you always make it sound so fun...

  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again: You really should do a series of children's books based on your (mis)adventures. They would be a hit!

  10. I feel bad for Mr. Farmer....I love your stories.. i hope u r putting them in a book version..

  11. Can your brother write like you do? As well as you do? I bet not. If he would hang out with you more he would be pick up a few pointers I think.

  12. I guess if I was in Mr. Farmer's situation, I would disappear too.

  13. "Mr. Stupid and Lord Grumpy were detectives."
    You have a gift for coming up with the funniest first lines! Dry humor is certainly your niche.

    You're going to be famous one day!

  14. Mr S, please! Why do you have to go on torturing the poor Lord Grumpy like it's your favorite hobby! LOL.

    Can we have a story about the brotherly bond you share with him, in the gentlest form?

    Have a happy day ahead, Mr.S!

  15. Your sharp humour is such a delight to read, Mr. Stupid! This story was so much fun, though I do feel sorry for Lord Grumpy...though I'm sure that, secretly, he loved playing with you :D

  16. I'm sorry you were stuck with a brother who couldn't think outside the box like you. As Professor Trelawney often (sort of) said, "Not everyone has the eye." Investigative minds such as yours are rare indeed.

  17. Wah... Now you are a PI. Fantastic.
    Sure you are Jack of all trade.

  18. Mr. Stupid, you are not stupid at all. You are most astute. Why? Because, like you, I also believe that toys can solve anything! ;)

  19. This is so mysterious. So funny too!

  20. Where is he? Mr. Stupid! Where is he? I would love to know.


  21. Still can't believe that you're just twenty...Writing wise at least. The stupidity convince me though.(Kidding) haha

    Have a nice day Mr. S!

  22. Actually Mr. Farmer was not disappear.. he's just hidden himself at somewhere... perhaps in his closet which probably has been shattered...
    is that right, Mr. S..??!!


  23. Well, no matter how nice or not brothers normally can't play together for long. They get annoyed with each other very often, just like my sons. I love playing with my only sister though, when I was young.

  24. LOL! Your brother just can't keep up with your imaginative side. Poor thing! And yes, as parents, it's our job to force the kids to play together.

  25. even i force to my eldest one to play with younger brothers ,i really feel for mr farmer and your brother too dear ,

    i want my would be grand children read your books,
    great job ,take care

  26. I wonder how your brother sees these stories...or remembers them, lol. Would love some old scanned photos to come with these posts now and then!

  27. I reckon your brother was only jealous! Love the way your mind works, this is such an imaginative, fun read. You are set to go far, my friend.

  28. What a pity for Mr. Farmer and love the whole bullying the brothers to play together although the fights that ensure there after are many. You always kill me with your humor and am glad to have around on my corner of the blogosphere :)

    Have a lovely day and you're always welcome over at my house down the block :)

    Wild Rose~

  29. P/S Am now following you it says Julliette O with twitter ID but it's all connected with the blog links anyway :)

  30. Poor Mr. Farmer! Your adventures are so outrageous!

  31. Utter Chaos follows you wherever you go, doesn't it? This detective story, involving your brother and yourself was at once insane, fun and humorous. But one question remains... Is Mr. Farmer still alive? If so, where is he? Oops... That's 2 questions. :-)

    Have a nice and SAFE day, Mr. S.

  32. Mr. Stupid. You owe Mr. Farmer a happy ending....

  33. I think if I were Mrs Farmer I would disappear too!
    Great read!! you are so gifted!
    Betty :o)

  34. I think you are just wonderful. :)

  35. This was a great one!
    My mom NEVER forced my brothers and I to play together. I did play with one of them every now and then. Good old what's his name...

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