Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Frisbee Adventure

The guy living next to our house has a great family. Most of them hate me. Mr. Neighbor's mom suspects I am an Alien. His uncle stays away from me and his aunt think clumsiness can spread. She carries a handkerchief while I am around.

A couple of months ago, they had all arrived at Mr. Neighbor's home. Our family stopped by to greet them. My Parents were the only ones who enjoyed the visit. My brother got looks and I got stares.

The next day, they were all playing Frisbee on their front yard. I had to go meet my friend. So, I walked past them when there was a voice,

"Why don't you join us?"
Mrs. Neighbor smiled.
"Well, I am actually going to meet my friend..."
"Just one game. It'll be fun!"
Mr. Neighbor's Nephew waved.
"Okay. I guess my friend can wait. One game sounds good to me."
I hopped in.

Most of them weren't happy. Especially Mr. Neighbor. He always yelled at me for walking on the lawn. He couldn't say a thing now. The game began. I was standing between Mr. Neighbor's mom and aunt and that was really scary. His aunt was still holding the handkerchief.

We played for some time and the Frisbee landed in my hand. I had to do something to impress the crowd. The only crowd around was Mr. Neighbor's family. Doing something new would at least distract them from staring.

So, I threw the Frisbee high. It was supposed to do two flips, stop mid-air for a few seconds and then land on the ground. I had never tried the act before. The Frisbee went flying and landed in the branches of a tree. Now, that was a bad sign.
There was silence for a few minutes. Then, the staring situation got bad.

Mr. Neighbor's Nephew found a stick. He walked to the tree and threw the stick gently towards the branch. The Frisbee didn't move.
"Do you think this will work?"
I had asked a stupid question. The staring continued.

"Well, it should cause some disruption."
He took an aim and threw the stick again. It bounced straight back to the earth.

What this situation clearly needed was me. I declared to give it a try. There were first a few questions, "Are you sure?" and "Do you know to throw a stick?" I answered them with a "YES" and picked the stick from the ground. I was a Superhero and saving the Frisbee was my task. With confidence in my veins and glory in my sight, I threw the stick towards the branch. The stick flew for some time and then, joined the Frisbee. I looked around to see if there were anymore elements of nature. There were no more sticks. I got the looks again.

Mr. Neighbor had left even before I threw the stick. He returned to the lawn and declared, "Forget it! Here's another Frisbee..."
Everyone celebrated. I thought it was wise to leave. But, my friend could wait a bit longer. So, I stayed anyway. We played for a few more minutes and the Frisbee landed in my hand. I tried my act again. This time everything was fine, until it dropped.
The Frisbee flew straight over somebody's head. Then, it moved towards the tree with the first Frisbee. But, it turned and flew straight into a bigger tree. This tree was a few feet away from the first one.

Nobody spoke for while. Surprisingly, there were no stares either. They were all looking at the two trees. I said something stupid again "Maybe, you guys should go back inside..."
The staring situation turned worse.

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  1. I think your neighbors are too uptight, and I don't like anyone who hates you. Besides, it is a frisbee's job to get stuck in a tree.

  2. LOL (again) I love the ambition in your head that you thought the frisbee would flip in such a spectacular fashion. Hey who hasn't played frisbee and not at some point got it lodged in a tree? Isn't that also part of the fun?

  3. I think your parents put on a brave face to interact with your neighbor. I'm sure they're aware of the stare and the coldness that mysteriously appear when they bring you and your brother over. Gosh, must be awfully awkward being near the neighbor.

  4. It all adds to the fun of the game. It's a right of passage that in a frisbee, a ball or a kite spend part of their lifetime caught up in a tree. It's a pity your neighbours are such sour pusses.. They need to lighten up... don't they know that what goes up will eventually come might just take a few days and a big gust of wind.

  5. We have had frisbees getting stuck in trees and tennis balls getting lost...
    ugh..your neighbours seem so uptight...they need to loosen a bit...

  6. Nice story. I had a neighbor who loves to stare too, really creepy. He would stare at plants, my pots and what ever I have outside my house. He only does that when thinks that no one is around. I caught him doing that many times from inside my house. Not cool at all

  7. "his aunt think clumsiness can spread." LOL! another awesome post, mr. stupid! :)

    ~ash's mum

  8. Haha, you had me falling off my chair at the landing of the second frisbee (not strictly related, but yet... I noticed you consequently use a capital F when typing frisbee. Does this mean that "Frisbee" is actually a brand name, and not, as I have always thought, a regular noun? Or do you also spell ball with a capital B? In Norwegian we word for frisbee is "sendeplate" ["sending board", and not, as one might think, "sending plate", which would have made a lot more sense]. I don't know why exactly I included that piece of information other than to emphasize that in certain other languages we use the word for frisbee as a noun and not a brand name...)

    I think your neighbours had it coming, really. No one should be playing with frisbees (Frisbees?) where there are trees/barbeques/pools/roofs/anything made of glass around.

  9. ... and by "we word for frisbee" I naturally mean "the word for frisbee". We don't word much for frisbee at all, really.

  10. They didn't appreciate the talent it took to land the frizbee in those trees?

  11. Actually, I have done that before! Getting a Frisbee stuck, and then getting another one stuck trying dislodge the first one!
    (Like how I capitalized Frisbee, Cruella??)

  12. Frisbees actually grow on trees. True fact!

  13. least they didn't ask you to climb the trees to get them down......

  14. I really shouldn't read these at work. Too much spontaneous laughter to explain. :-)

  15. I would have been like, "you need to leave, NOW". LOL, that is too funny.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  16. Um, doesn't sound like it was your day that day. I hope you quickly made your escape!

  17. hahahah too funny, but that's what you get for showing off

  18. That's a good story! Now stay out of my yard!

  19. They shouldn't have been surprised. Frisbees are greatly attracted to trees (second only to their attraction to rooftops) - it's a scientific fact :)

  20. rotfl. Maybe they should go back in the house. lol

  21. lol...that's an awesome story. Thanks for sharing. :)

  22. You should have tried to heave up the aunt into the tree... or said "Third time's the charm. Go get another frisbee."

  23. "What this situation clearly needed was me." Best. Line. Ever!

    Great story!

  24. You lead a very interesting life surrounded by people who stare. What more could a man want?

  25. Hahaha... very amazing indeed.
    Lucky you with those neighbours, I´ve got some that you should probably meet. :)

  26. lol. thats all part of the fun with frisbee...we have several really nice frisbee golf courses int eh area...i would invite you but...smiles.

  27. "With confidence in my veins and glory in my sight, I threw the stick towards the branch."

    I was rooting for at that line. This time, I thought it would happen for you.

  28. what divine image,
    lovely words.

    thank you for voting!

  29. just passing by here and read the post... very interesting n funny!!
    welldone mr. Stupid with your wonderful Frisbee Adventure...haha...