Saturday, July 3, 2010

Harry Potato and the Worthless stone - VI

To read Part - V, click here.

Harry followed Professor McDonald. She seemed furious and said
"I waited an entire day for you to get back to the ground. Anyway, you could have broken your neck or worse, got sucked into the Vacuum Cleaner. You're a real Potato remember?"
"Why does everyone say the - '
You're a real Potato remember' part?" Harry asked.
"Well, that's because you are one Mr. Potato."

Harry was sure he would get expelled. Getting expelled meant returning to the farm and scaring trespassers. He hated that job.
Professor McDonald led Harry through a Hallway and then stopped near a Classroom. She called for a student. A boy arrived from inside. "I forgot, what's your name?" she asked.
"Harry Potato..."
"Not yours, Mr. Potato. You..."
she pointed at the boy who had just arrived.
"What? Professor, you have known me for five years. I am Wood."
"Oops. Sorry about that. I couldn't sleep for an entire day. I was looking at this guy flying a Vacuum Cleaner and counting his 'Please'."

Wood was confused.
"Oh. I almost forgot,"
she said. "Wood - I've found you a Cleaner."
"Are you sure?"
"I watched him from the beginning. He found the start switch on the Vacuum Cleaner pretty quick. And he knows to fly too..."
"But, Professor,"
Wood interrupted. "He's a real Potato..."
Harry protested.

Harry was now the new Corridor cleaner. He never understood what it meant. Though, looking at Professor McDonald, he was sure it was a good thing.
At dinner, Harry broke the news to Pong and Hermione.
"That's great, Harry,"
Pong said. "You must be the youngest cleaner of the century. Nobody ever makes it there this quick."
"What do you think a cleaner does?"

Pong and Hermione spoke together.

The three finished their dinner and decided to get back to their rooms. Harry wasn't very happy now. He kept wondering why he was made the cleaner. They climbed the stairs and it moved.
Hermione said "Remember? The prefect had said the stairs like to dance...". They danced for a long time and then stopped.
"Let's go before they start dancing again..."
Harry said. They climbed the stairs quickly and found a passageway.

"Oh no. We are at the third floor. Remember Professor Dumpydoor had said this floor was restricted."
Hermione sounded scared.
"Yeah. He even asked us to run around screaming if we arrived here..."
Pong was shivering.
"Wait a minute,"
harry said. "What's with the large yellow 'M'?" he pointed to a board.
"It looks like
The McDonald's Golden Arches logo. I think we should get out of here."
"Who's there?"
there was a voice from outside. It was the caretaker.
"Let's go this
way." Harry said. Pong and Hermione followed him. They ran across a passage and then arrived at a large room.
"What are all these dining chairs doing here?"
Pong asked.
"I don't know. Look, there's a door."
They ran to it and entered the room.
"I wonder why the third floor is restricted."
"Well... I think I know why..."
They were looking straight into the eyes of a monstrous clown. The three heads of the red haired clown was angry. Harry managed to find the doorknob and opened it. The three fell backwards and ran around screaming until they reached the staircase. It was still dancing. They got on and danced with it...   (to be continued)


  1. Ha ha! Great work Mr. S! Another fantastic episode. The McDonald's Golden Arches scare me too.

  2. The McD's golden arches was a brilliant touch, Mr. Stupid! And so was Harry becoming a cleaner.

    When Professor said, "I watched him from the beginning. He found the start switch on the Vacuum Cleaner pretty quick," I burst out laughing.

    Love it - can't wait to see what happens next!

  3. Hahaha! I wonder, will you ever make another sequel to this story?

    By the way, I too am making a story for all to see, and a gift for a friend.

  4. I do so enjoy these blogs Mr. S., keep up the good work.


  5. A monstrous clown eh? Whatever next for Harry Potato. These posts just make me laugh and smile. It's great - hoping you have a great Sunday oh and Happy 4th of July

  6. Professor Dumpydoor! How do you cpm with these names? Am very curious.

  7. am waiting for the next part....hilarious description :)

  8. dude your one liners are stacking up...too funny...agree with talon..thats when i lost it too...

  9. Okay now -- this is like a dream I had once when I actually went to McDonalds and ate there. UGH!

    Great story -- great one liners and love the characters in your story. Dancing and laughing all the way with this one.


    thanks for nice comment you left on my blog.
    I am now a follower of yours I want tyo know how this turns out.

  10. I love, love, love this series, Mr. Stupid. You have me laughing out loud with every wonderful instalment, when are these being made into movies? :D

  11. You are zooming right along with the Harry Potato series. " Getting expelled meant returning to the farm and scaring trespassers".Too funny.

  12. He asked us to run around screaming if we arrived here...


  13. hey, mr. stupid :) i finally have a few minutes so i wanted to stop by and see what you're up to! i'm so glad that you survived your trip to mars albeit, barely!
    thanks for taking the time to come by my blog and leave a kind word, even if i wasn't able to do the same for a while...your mom would be proud of you ;) have a great fourth, my friend!

  14. You have an amusing blog.
    I choose to follow by my own free will.

  15. You just keep us laughing! :-)

  16. I think this is your most imaginative one yet! I want to get some dancing stairs.
    Can't wait for the rest.
    Happy holiday, Mr. S.

  17. Great stuff. Can't wait for the next one.

  18. Dude, Potato got out of there before the golden arches turned him into french fries!

  19. So, young Harry is a cleaner now? I can't wait to see how that works out... :P

  20. Clever, very clever.

  21. Cheeseboy: The Golden Arches are pretty scary. Now, why would somebody put such a thing? Glad you liked the post...:)

    TALON: I had to think twice before adding the Golden Arches part. I didn't want Ronald McDonald haunting me.... hehe

    Shigune: I wonder too. I am so looking forward to that story and I'm sure it will be the best gift!

    Yvonne: Glad you like them. Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Gwei: Maybe Mr. Potato has a lot more craziness to face. Hope you had a wonderful fourth...:)

    YogaSavy: Green guy from Mars says me these things. I know, its hard to believe... LOL

    Lazy Pineapple: Glad you liked it. Toodles...

    Brian Miller: I didn't want to write about the Golden Arches, but I did. I just hope the three headed clown doesn't haunt me.

    Max Evel: Thank you. Hope you had a great fourth!

    Vicki Lane: Thanks for stopping by, Vicki. Have a great day...:)

    Joanny: Glad you liked the story. McDonald's does give nightmares. You've got a wonderful blog. Glad I found it.

    Mamma: I wonder too. Maybe, since he's been turned into a Potato, he can have food. I wonder if he's okay with French Fries!

    Sam Liu: I better contact somebody who can make one. I wonder how bad the movie would turn... LOL

    TechnoBabe: Thanks for stopping by, Techno. Glad you liked it...:)

    FabuLeslie: I give the credit of one liners to the Green guy from Mars. He's the one forcing me to write silly stuff.

    Sheri: Nice to hear from you, Sheri. I could see you were busy with your family and spending some time with your grandchildren. I liked dropping by your Blog. So, please don't mention it.
    Hope you had a wonderful fourth...:)

    Joe Cap: Thanks for the follow. Have a nice day!

    Jingle: Thank you, Jingle. Toodles.

    Succot: Glad I could help. Hope you had a great fourth!

    Robyn: I guess you can buy them on Ebay. I wonder how they ship it when it keeps dancing.

    Suzanne: Thanks for stopping by.

    MiMi: I am glad he got back safely.

    Tony: Cleaning sounds like a good profession. Maybe, it pays well too... LOL

    JC: Thank you, JC...:)

  22. Anything by McDonald's should scare anyone. I don't know which would be worse... Eating at McDonald's, which has a lot of heart clogging stuff at their place -or watching your stairs dance. That's a tough call.

    Excellent episode, Mr. S. Have you been riding your Vacuum Cleaner, lately?

  23. I would watch out for those three headed clowns also they may be really hungry for some french fries. Happy 4th of July Mr. Stupid!!!


  24. It was brilliant, as usual hahaha! How do you make everything sound so serious, yet hilarious?

    Good day S!

  25. my my thank you sooooooooooo much for bundle of laughter ,you are really blessed dear ,keep the amazing amazing work up,take care

  26. I loved loved loved this part!
    I'm so happy you are getting into the climax which assures me this is gonna get even better!

  27. love love love this!!!!!!!!!lol!!!

  28. Really good and really funny!
    Hope your having a good holiday weekend!

  29. Get out of there Mr Potato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rotfl

  30. You have quite the imagination! Love it...

  31. Poor Harry, he's meant to be a great potato, and now he's resorted to do vacuuming. And he has to be constantly reminded that he's a potato too. LOL!

  32. I like that Hermoine's name is pretty much left unchanged because how can you make that weirder? The golden arches, a clown... I see where this is going.