Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Harry Potato and the Worthless stone - VII

To read Part - VI, click here.

The staircase finally stopped dancing and turned towards the Corridor Tower. Harry, Pong and Hermione got off and hurried to their dormitories.
Pong was angry, "What do they think they're doing, keeping a thing like that locked up in a School?"
"I don't know..."
said Harry.

They ran until they reached the portrait of the man with the ski mask and the large hat.
"We dooon't have a Password."
"Wow. Finally somebody got it right on their first try. Nobody get's the don't correct..."
"Will you just open the door?"
Hermione yelled.
"Alright. No need to yell. You may enter."
The portrait flung open.

"Who keeps a three headed clown in a School?"
Pong was still furious.
"Maybe, it lives there."
said Harry.
Hermione interrupted, "You don't use your eyes, do you? Didn't you see what it was standing on?"
Pong and Harry spoke together.
"It was standing on a trapdoor. It's guarding something."

The next day, Harry and Wood were in the grounds. Since, Harry was the new Corridor cleaner, he needed some training.
"You're the youngest house cleaner in the century, Harry."
Wood was thrilled.
"I know. But, I hate cleaning."
"What do you mean?"
he snapped.
"I used to clean a farmer's house before I arrived here. Now, I will have to clean the entire school."
"You're a cleaner in Sandwich. Every team has a cleaner and you're the one for Corridor."
"Oh. What's Sandwich?"
Sandwich is a game
played by two teams of seven players riding flying vacuum cleaners, using four balls and six elevated ring-shaped goals. You're job is to catch a Dust Ball. You do that and we win the game."
"That's nice. For a moment, I thought I would be made to clean the school."
"Oh, we don't call them Cleaners. They are called - Clean rooms, hallways, windows, floors, desks and blah, blah, blah. You say the 'blah' three times."
"Why can't you just call them cleaners?"
"That's because they are called
Clean rooms, hallways..."
"I got it
"Alright, let's get back to the training. But before we can start, we need to find a dust ball."

Harry and Wood waited for a couple of hours. Wood fell asleep and Harry kept looking for a dust ball. Finally, it arrived. "There!" he yelled.
Wood woke up and said "Glad you found one. Okay, training complete. You catch that Dust Ball and we win the game. Let's go."

Harry, Pong and Hermione were in the great hall that evening.
"They call cleaners differently here. My job is to catch a Dust Ball."
"Now, why wouldn't they call Cleaners, Cleaners?"
Harry was confused. All of a sudden, there was an owl.
"Mail time,"
Pong sounded excited.
The owl flew by their table and dropped a large package.
"What's this?"
Hermione asked.
"It's for you Harry. Open it."

Harry opened the package and found a Vacuum Cleaner.
"Whoa. This is the Vacuumus 2000. This is the fastest Vacuum Cleaner in the world. It comes with a huge START button too."

Harry was happy. He looked around to see who had given it to him. Everyone were busy bending down. Professor McDonald looked at him and smiled. Harry smiled at her and kept searching.
After a few minutes, she walked to him. "I gave you the Vacuumus 2000. You can't expect me to walk over and say that. You should have realized it the moment I smiled."
"Sorry about that professor. Thank you. But what do I do with it?"
"Clean, of course. You're a Cleaner, remember?"
     (to be continued)


  1. Hahah Vacuumus 2000! I wonder how the Sandwich competition will turn out! Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. Alas, Harry is reminded again that he's a cleaner. Sandwich game? LOL! I remember something similar in the real Harry Potter. Look forward to the next chapter.

  3. lol @ the last sentence. cant wait for the next chapter. :)

    ~ash's mum

  4. if i had known that they were going to have to wait so long for a dust ball then i would have sent one straight over...i have plenty to spare!
    since i have never seen any of the hpotter movies (nor read the books) i am especially following your harry potato :)

  5. Sandwich and dust balls! LOL! My sandwich will never be the same.....

  6. Dust balls! lol!

    This part cracked me up -- After a few minutes, she walked to him. "I gave you the Vacuumus 2000. You can't expect me to walk over and say that. You should have realized it the moment I smiled."

    I love your Harry Potato series, Mr. Stupid!

    I can't wait to hear about Harry Potato's adventures on his Vacuumus 2000!

  7. I didn't think you'd find a funnier word than Quidditch, but Sandwich just about does it. And I love the Dust Ball. Perfect thing for a vacuum to pick up, especially if you have the coveted Vacuumus 2000.

  8. I don't look at a potato the same way anymore! I don't remember what a vacuum is for either, so when you find out pass it along. Thanks.

  9. Hello again, oh how I missed your Harry Potato stories.;) It is the best laugh of the day.;) I hope all is well with you dear Mr. Bright.;))

  10. Dust balls and cleaners, sounds like my life! Thanks for the morning laugh.

  11. haha. love it...finally someone got it right on the first try...you are a comical genius...

  12. Oh my I need to go back and read this from the beginning, it is better then the original!

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  14. This just gets better and better and funnier :)

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  16. The scary clowns of our world appear once again as three headed clown!! loved it!! :)
    Now headed to read part VI that I had missed :)

  17. Hihihi... very interesting, funny, n creative story!!
    I wanna read from de part 1.
    well done Mr. stupid!!

  18. I sure wish I had that Vacuumus 2000 since it is the fastest cleaner in the world and has a HUGE start button on it too. I sure could use it with the kids I have around here.


  19. YAY, I love these :0)

  20. You are my nighttime entertainment instead of the television.
    Sheer genius and non sensible sense. Forget harry potter , you captured Lewis Carroll's inimitable style.


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    hilarious blog!

  22. hello, your blog looks nice ^^!
    I hope you gain more success in the future.

  23. dancing stairway,
    a dust ball,
    they sound very creepy and exciting to me.
    excellent show.
    Happy Thursday!

  24. Your every detail is clever and hilarious, especially the huge start button. I wonder if that costs exta and if they sell those at BestBuy. (?)
    Have a great day, Mr.S. You are brilliant!

  25. They should play Sandwich at my house. I have plenty of dust balls they can capture.

  26. Hello Mr. Stupid! I have missed you! No one writes like you!

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    Happy Saturday!

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