Friday, July 23, 2010

Harry Potato and the Worthless stone - VIII

To read Part - VII, click here.

The Sandwich season had begun. Harry would be playing in his first match: Corridor versus Superthin. Nobody knew Harry was a part of the Corridor team. Wood had kept it a secret as he knew people would be shocked to see a Potato on a Vacuum Cleaner.

In the changing rooms, Harry and the rest of the team changed into their robes. Everyone were excited except for Harry.
Wood cleared his throat for silence. He had to say it seventeen times to make everyone quite.
"OK, men,"
he said.
"And women,"
said a girl from the back.
"Who are you?"
"What? I have been on the team since last year."
she wasn't happy.
"Okay, and women,"
Wood said. He looked at harry and smiled, "And Potatoes!"
"Hey! No need to mention that all the time."

The corridors left the changing room and arrived at the ground. They gathered around Madam Ouch who was sleeping.
"Madam Ouch, wake up. You are the referee."
Wood spoke in a low voice.
"Oh yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, I want a nice fair game, all of you,"
she said. "Mount your Vacuum cleaners, please."
Harry got onto his Vacuumus 2000. It had a huge START button. Harry pressed it and waited. It rose high up into the air.
"Now, when I blow my whistle... where's my whistle..."
Madam Ouch searched all her pockets. "Forget the whistle. I'll just count to three."
Harry was still not convinced that Madam Ouch was a flying instructor.
"Alright, get ready three - two - one - play..."

Wood flew high up and caught the black ball. He moved around quickly and managed to get it in one of the ring shaped goals. There were cheers everywhere.
A player from Superthin managed to dodge three defenders and land the black ball into a goal. The scores were level now. Harry waited for the Dust ball but it never arrived. Finally, he found it moving around. Harry pointed his Vacuumus 2000 towards the dust ball. He picked up speed and ran over it. The crowd was silent now. Everyone were shocked to find Harry who was looking sick.

"He's going to be sick."
Hermione yelled while watching through her binoculars.
Pong looked through his. "Harry is holding his hand to his mouth. Now he's coughing. And now, there is a brown ball in his hand."
the crowd screamed.
"No need to Ewww people, it's the Dust Ball. Corridor wins!"
the commentator said.

There was a loud cheer. The Corridors were all celebrating. Pong and Hermione were cheering for Harry. Harry held out the Dust Ball to the crowd. It was all wet now. Even though the sight was disgusting, the cheers continued.

That evening, Harry, Pong and Hermione were in the great hall.
"You were amazing Harry!"
Pong said.
"Thanks, Pong..."
Harry smiled.
"Congratulations, Mr. Potato," There was a voice from behind. It was Professor Escape. "You did well in the game."
"Thank you, Sir."
"I hope you don't get sucked into that vacuum cleaner in your next game. Or worse, end up swallowing the Dust Ball."
"Don't worry. I don't fit in the Nozzle. And the Vacuumus 2000 comes with a Carpet Nozzle. That way, I can never get sucked in."
"A Carpet Nozzle? Wow. Can I borrow it for a day? The carpet in my Potions classroom needs a clean up."
"Sure. Can I get candies in exchange?"
Professor Escape looked at Harry. "I almost forgot. There's one more thing. Don't end up turning into French fries. I love French fries!" He stared at Pong and left.
"Why did he stare at me?"
"I don't know."
Hermione said.

Harry looked at Professor Escape. He was limping and his leg had a huge cut.
"Did you see the blood on his right leg?"
Pong and Hermione spoke together.
"Yeah. I guess last night, Escape tried to get past that three headed clown. But, he got bit and that's why he's limping."
"Why would anybody go near that thing?"
"I am sure it is guarding something and Professor Escape wants it. The restricted floor had the large McDonald's Golden Arches logo. And Escape said he loved French fries."
     (to be continued)


  1. I'm still stuck on mounting the vacuum. I thought this blog was family friendly! :)

  2. Wonderful as always. excellently written.


  3. Oh Mr S you've managed to weave in the golden atrches and Mickey D's as they villians. Great, fantastic, marvellous my weekend is of to a great start, yet again, thanks to you, with a hughe SMILE

  4. Welcome back!

    Just musing here,but I wonder if these writings survive and someone from the future reads this, if it would entice them to want to go back to the time of the 'Golden Arches', and order up?

    good read, waiting for the next episode.


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  22. Thank you for the comments. Its nice to still have people reading my blog.
    Sorry its been awhile since I've commented here.
    I've caught up tho!! =P
    Great posts as always..Love your writings!
    Take care!

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