Saturday, July 10, 2010

Show And Tell : Spongy Man

Show and Tell arrived again. This time, I couldn't decide on what to talk about. I had tried speaking on Aliens and a Dinosaur. They had both ended badly. I finally decided and took something to school.

Mrs. Yells at me called out names randomly for Show and Tell. After an hour, she was done and sounded really excited. "You were all great! Now that you're done, take down the Math quiz from the board..."

"Mrs. Yells at me, you never called out my name."
I lifted my hand.

She wasn't excited now. She stared at me and asked "Are you prepared for your Show and Tell?"


"Okay. Remember, no Dinosaurs and hoax Aliens."

"Don't worry. This is way better than those."

I began, "Today for Show and Tell, I have brought my pet."

Mrs. Yells at me was shocked.

"Yes. His name is Spongy and he's in my backpack."

"Oh my god. You brought your pet to School in your bag?"
"Yeah. He fit in the side pocket."

I walked to my backpack and opened the zipper. Mrs. Yells at me was pretty scared. So were everyone in class. Bobo had closed his eyes. I opened the side zipper and lifted my pet.
"That's your pet?"
Miss Big Help yelled.
"Yes. His name is Spongy."
"That's a yellow sponge with poorly drawn eyes and evil looking set of teeth."
"They aren't evil."
"Yeah. They look pointy to me. Not evil."
Bobo interrupted.
"Guys, I guess you can have a talk about the Sponge's teeth later,"
Mrs. Yells at me was confused. She stared at me and said, "Give your Show and Tell, quick!"
I walked up to the front again. "Spongy was just an ordinary sponge lying around my house. One day, I found him in the garage looking all sad. I picked him..."
"Mrs. Yells at me, I'm sure this will be a boring story. Can we take the Math quiz."
Miss Big Help said.
I continued, "I picked him up and drew some eyes and then some teeth. This tie here is a new addition. Oh yeah, I almost forgot," I walked to my backpack again and brought a red handkerchief.
"What's that?"
Mrs. Yells at me sounded suspicious.
"This is Spongy's big secret. He is a Superhero and this is his tiny cape. He'll be known by everybody in the world as Spongy Man..."
"Spongy Man? Can I hold him?"
Bobo jumped.
"Sure. But, he has an important task today. This classroom is filled with Evil and he's going to get rid of it..."
"That was a good Show and Tell. Thank you!"
Mrs. Yells at me was shocked.
"I'm not done yet. Back to the Evil part. Miss Big Help here is Evil. But there is something even scarier than her that Spongy Man wishes to destroy."

Miss Big Help was angry. She gave me scary looks.
"The Evil is on this very Chalkboard..."
a few students and Mrs. Yells at me spoke together.
"These Math problems are all evil. Spongy Man will save you from them."
I picked Spongy and dragged him on the Chalkboard. Mrs. Yells at me didn't move. Maybe, she was stuck to her seat. I managed to erase all the math problems. "The day is saved. Thanks to Spongy Man..."

The next moment, Mr. Principal was examining Spongy Man. I was at his chamber again. My parents were called and my dad was glad to have found the sponge. He used it to wipe our Car. Mrs. Yells at me had to rewrite all the math problems and she wasn't happy. As always, Mr. Principal gave me the stares.

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  1. This is so great Mr. Stupid sir. The reason being that my first graders do a similar thing all the time. They forget their show and tell, run to their backpack and try and pass off the first thing they pull out as their show and tell.

    Nicely played.

  2. Mr Stupid, something tells me that you are fixated by your past. I suppose it has made you the person you are today!

  3. hey..would love to meet Spongy man..I wish he was with me when I was in school :P

  4. What makes you hate Math so much?

  5. Oh Mr S, now that I have wiped away the tears of laughter I can see to type this commnet. On the one hand this is v funny on the other it's rather sad that conformity even in school is something that our educators aim for. Trying to squash people into predifned pigeon holes.

  6. Hooray for the hero Spongy. Soooooooo glad he wiped away the evil math problems.

  7. Did Spongy go on to a TV career as Sponge Bob?

  8. You're lucky you only got the stares from the principal. Back when I was in school we got spanked!

  9. Your story reminded me when a student did bring his pet lizard to school in his backpack. No one believed him when he told us what he did. Needless to say, we had to call his mom to come and get the pet to take it home. He said he only wanted to show it to his friends at recess.

  10. you just can't win, can you?? i was rather proud of mr. spongy for his quick work of erasing evil from this world...mrs. yells at me should have been glad that it wasn't her!!

  11. I'm sure most of the kids appreciated the efforts of Spongy Man to save them from evil.

  12. This one had my eyes popping out!

  13. Spongy Man is a true hero! And I laughed out loud at the evil teeth drawing and the tiny red cape - lol!

    I love your Show and Tell tales, Mr. Stupid. :)

  14. Somehow this reminds me of the day my son (who was about 3 at the time) insisted on wearing a plastic bib from a crab restaurant as a cape. I called him "Super Crab."

  15. Spongy Man should get a Nobel Peace prize or at the very least an OBE. The Queen still gives those out, right?

  16. I bet you won for class president after that trick. I wish you were in my math classes with Mr. Spongy way back when. You need to write children's books, btw.

  17. Maybe Mr. Spongy should have wiped off Mrs. Yells stares at the same time while he wiped off the evil Math problems. I would of loved to see Mrs. Yells face then. I love your Show and Tells stories.


  18. Boy, you sure would do just about anything to get rid of maths, hah. Just joking. Have a nice week ahead

  19. I should have brought a lot of sponges when I was in grade school. I'm sure, half of students in our class would throw parties. Brilliant idea! Unluckily, your teacher was not impressed. But don't worry because we are. You should be thankful that you passed that stage and we are now the audience of your show and tell. LOL!

    Good day S!

  20. I'm glad you got a chance to share your show and tell. lol

  21. lol, I remember a kid who brought in a preying mantis and coccoon. He forgot it in it's desk over the weekend. On monday the school was closed and being exterminated, lol

  22. Pictures, please.
    Pictures, pictures.

  23. Better than the kid who brought in a crayon box full of worms!!!

    I can still see it in my head....

  24. Spongy sounds like my kind of guy!

  25. Use it on Mrs Yells At Me next time!

  26. dude, i love show and tell at your a sponge...i think it would make a great pet...and the act he is a superhero all the better...wiping out the crime of math for boys and girls every where....smiles.

  27. Love it, thanks for my daily giggle (Queen snorts accidentally)

  28. very creative and fun act.
    keep rocking!

  29. "Mrs. never called out my name" LOL! I bet her heart dropped when she heard this. Well you're a brave fella and one that's not embarrassed too. I think most kids would have stayed quiet instead of bringing attention to themselves that the teacher had missed calling on them.

  30. I dislike mathematics too. Somewhat. I was never a wiz with math unless with multiplication and distributive property and all that noise. When it comes to high school, the first thing the teachers do is make the students introduce themselves with favorite colors, pets, likes, dislikes, etc.

  31. GREAT story!! i like pet sponges. they are our friends. perhaps we should form a "sponge support group" seeing as how they are widely mis understood. sponges ARE people too...

  32. Cheeseboy: Wow. That's a great idea. Though, I did something terrible once when I forgot to bring a thing for Show and Tell.

    Bazza: My Past was one big nightmare. BIG!

    Lazy Pineapple: He should fly to your place soon and destroy evil... LOL

    Ummie: That's a long story. He always gave me D's and F's on my quizzes.

    Gwei Mui: They squished me into a pigeon hole even though I never fit in. Glad you liked the post.

    TechnoBabe: I was glad too. Though, Mrs. Yells at me had a different opinion.

    Vicki Lane: Maybe, Sponge Bob was Spongy Man in disguise. They have math in water too.

    Tracie: Spanked? I am just glad Mr. Principal never did that. We were good friends!

    Mamma: LOL. A Pet Lizard? I wonder how the class reacted on see it.

    Sheri: Spongy Man should have erased her too. Though, I wonder if dragging him on her face would have worked.

    Alex: At first they were all stunned. Though, they cheered for Spongy Man as I was led to Mr. Principal's Chamber.

    Maha: I just hope they are back in now... hehe
    Have a wonderful day, Maha.

    Kristina: He'll get there if Math is around...:)

    TALON: Glad you liked it. The tiny red cape is the secret to Spongy Man's powers.

    Secret agent woman: That's so awesome. Super Crab should save the world from Evil!

    Tony: She does. Though, I wonder if Spongy Man can hold them. BTW, does the Queen do Math. Because, that can be an issue... LOL

    Robyn: I refused the post twice. Well, that's a lie. Most teachers didn't think it was wise for me to take care of a class.

    Gina: He should have. Though, he was busy taking a bow when he was done wiping out the problems.

    Aries: Math is Evil and scary at times. I am the chosen one and wiping out Math is my task.

    Cee: She was never impressed with my Show and Tells. Mr. Principal though, always maintained a stare.
    Thanks for stopping by...:)

    Help! Mama Remote: Glad you liked it. Have a good day.

    Sheila: HAHA. That's one scary situation. Preying Mantis in a desk for a week - not a good sign!

    Joe Cap: Spongy Man refused to pose for the Camera. He hates publicity.

    The Empress: Ewww. That must have been a bad Show and Tell.

    Deborah Ann: Looks like he's gaining some fans. Don't worry, he'll be there to save you when math is around!

    Diane: Only if I had. Though, it was nice to see her write all the problems again.

    Brian Miller: Glad you liked it. He was just Spongy when I made him. But who knew, he was destined to be a Superhero... LOL

    Queen: Snorts happen all the time. Glad I could help with a few giggles.

    Jingle: Thank you, Jingle. Have a great day!

    RoseBelle: She wasn't excited. I actually enjoyed giving Show and Tells. Though, nobody in the class enjoyed them.

    Shigune: I have hated Math. Thanks for stopping by...:) Not many realize that. Once, Spongy man is done destroying Math all around, he'll be everywhere saving Sponges.

    Gucci Mama: Thank you. Have a good day!

  33. mr spongy man saved the day! *yay*

    ~ash's mum

  34. Do you still have Spongy Man? Does he still fight crime or is he retired?


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  36. This totally reminds me of the Goosebumps book It Came From Beneath the Sink, except the sponge was evil, it didn't get rid of evil. You are officially cooler than all those pet rock owners!

  37. I used to dislike maths, now i like them,after spending so many hours to make me like them!
    Thanks for the smiles!

  38. Another hilarious school story. I hope you don't use Spongy Man, who sounds suspiciously like SpongeBob SquarePants, to wash with, when you're taking a shower. He might try to bite your weeny off. Tell Mrs. Yells At Me to chill out, take a Valium, drink a margarita and have a nap.

    Take care, my friend. Have a fantastic day!

  39. haha nice one.

    another anti-math smear and i like it!